KrsnaKnows is a website dedicated to the true knowledge about the Divine. You can call the Divine as God, Father, Brahman, Self or That.Here you will get the right teachings for treading the path of knowledge to reach there. We talk about that God which dwells in every being and drives this entire creation who is also the One called the Unmanifest. Herein you will get answers which will correspond with teachings from every spiritual text that points towards this divine.We will expound on as many texts as we can and help you understand the Truth.

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gods hand
Spiritual Beings see God’s hand everywhere!
One day someone told me that money is the most important facilitator in life. I agreed whole heartedly since any
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Dissipate the acid of anxiety
Anxieties and tensions are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. No one is spared from this mind upheavals and
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Let not the Fruit of Action be thy motive
Sometimes you operate from two places, your heart and mind. Your answers vary when you feel that from the mind
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Master’s Mandate
Reprimand by any person is harmful and acidic. It leads to hurt feelings and we all go back in our
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The Lord is the Doer
Gandhari cursed Krsna for abetting in the killing of her 100 children in the battle of kurukshetra. Her curse that
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Service with Devotion
We tend to dismiss the mystical beings like any other human beings with earthly failings! Little realizing that they make
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Satsang is a Congregation of people who have come together to hear the ‘WORD’ or the ‘TRUTH’. Satsang also means being in the company of holy and singing of the praises of the Lord. The Master imparts spiritual knowledge through his teachings to the seekers of the Truth.


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