Pain In Birth And Death

Why don’t we see pain in birth and death? Did you notice both these actions are full of pain as well as happiness from their individualistic point of view? I won’t discus happiness here now so let me talk about only one aspect of both!
Childbirth is extremely painful and torturous procedure for everyone. The mother is the physical and mental sufferer and no one thinks of the father there. He has to brave all other issues. While his wife may be going through birth pangs, he is going through financial or mental pangs. If he is the sole provider, then the pressures on the purse are humungous. Imagine whoever might be in the family way, both the parents are sufferers. The cost of the gynecologist, the ultra sound, various tests, medicines, special care specialists, prenatal and post-pregnancy exercises, doulas, lactation experts, doctors, maternity and nursing homes, etc..
I am sure just listening to all these terms would have exhausted you by now. Connect the dots to get to the final financial figure and you will be set back by a stupendous amount. You have never imagined the figure in the first place. Right?
So having a child is not the end all. Now you gotta take care of that kid. Do you want me to tell you that too? Your purse string feels like a garrote. A silk rope round your silly neck! You so much wanted to stick it in there and squirting by having a kid? Funny, how man loves to become a masochist!
Now let us shift over to the dead ones. You think it is easy to die? You are the most costly proposal for a dead human. Don’t die, if you cannot provide for it I would say.
Once the man is dead, to get the funeral parlors to bury or burn him costs a bomb. You have to be ready with the grave and all the associate ceremonies. Right from the coffin to the grave it’s a lengthy process. Everything costs money. Oh, sure! You want to be cremated? You think that is easy. To get to the crematorium is another painful journey. Don’t forget the wake or the after death ceremony. Now there is even the prior to burial or cremation ones. Everything costs. If you have gone through that then you will get to see the rifts in the family. No one wants to shell out the money for anything. But they sure want to come for the inquest. The will gets read out then!
If you have got the gist of all the above, then you will not want another child to be born. Also, you are sure to plan to donate your cadaver to the medical school. Those poor guys don’t get fat well fed bodies like yours, so donate generously to them. That would save all your nasty relatives the trouble of shelling out money for your unwanted dead body.
So think before you go ahead. Don’t die without ensuring the free donation of your body. You can cut your expenses but you cannot cut the curses of the relatives.
Don’t bring children in this world if you cannot bear the childbirth or rearing expenses. Cut the birth expenses and go for adoption if that is cheaper. What says?

Pain In Birth And Death
Pain In Birth And Death

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