Paupers And Rich?

Why do people behave like paupers when they own so much and are rich beyond expectations?
Take the case of a working single woman who owns three condos and yet she herself stays in a paying guest accommodation? She did not even bail her sister out of some legal trouble citing payments towards down payments for her newest condo buys. When asked why she behaves this way, even after owning three great properties? Her answer is she would like to retire in a few years and would want to live on rents which she will get from her three properties!
Now another woman has huge investments of her own and hasn’t a dime in her pocket so she drives her merc home and has home food. What if she runs out of fuel? I have my credit card. So every month she pays huge sums of dollars towards her new star hotel coming up doing the interiors! Aha! So you too are saving up for the future? Eh! But if you were to ask her why she stays in such despicable slum like place, her answer is I need to be secure for the future so everything I earn I invest judiciously!
One of my dearest disciples one day told me how miserable I am being not at all bothered to save enough for my kids education and for her future! Though she herself has put in future savings for her own kid. A huge amount towards investments for someone fifteen years from now???
No man is certain whether there is a tomorrow. I fail to understand how people can forgo today for a better tomorrow. Are you not supposed to live today? Are you supposed to live in utter deprivation today so that you can have a better tomorrow? Don’t you have any heart to help your sister who is in dire trouble? Stacking up three condos at the cost of not even bailing your own kith and kin. If I were God, I would love to take away all those condos and take you to the streets! Make you understand what it means to be deprived and helpless.
Surely, you cannot sacrifice today for tomorrow since you don’t even know if you will be there to enjoy it all. Some unscrupulous person will whack your savings and disown you from your own properties. Maybe your own children. Who knows? I know of a case where the old mother whacked the daughters property and threw the legit owner, her daughter out of her own apartment! How strange is this world!
So do keep an eye on the future but not at the cost of today. Live life today and save up some for tomorrow. Never at the cost of human relationships or being apathetic to others pains. Be generous and help those in need of your help. This is all for those who live in the material world.
The same laws don’t apply in spiritual. So do not bother to think that way. We spiritual beings live in the now alone. We beg for our living and eat what we receive. We never deny God or things that God sends us. We learn to accept poverty or richness equally. Humility and compassion is our mantra. We live for others. We are Gods own people who care for everyone. There are no biases. Since we believe God is the one who gives and with absolute faith we believe He will take care of our future too. So we live like birds. Solely dependent on Him for our needs. It’s liberating if you can only understand that.
But let it be. You focus in your world. Save for tomorrow but don’t forget to be human and help those in need!