Pay To Carry Palanquin Of God?

palanquin-159260_1280You can pay ten thousand and one to carry the palanquin of God when we take it around ceremonially. If you want special prayers for your father, then you pay us five thousand. You will have to give us three large bottles of rum and food for all the priests who come with me. If it is acceptable then let us know now, otherwise you see we have our diaries full.
These are real life situations which people like us face every single day. We are all at the mercy of these blood thirsty people who have no qualms to take out some money or gifts from us and take advantage of our helplessness. The living have to pay through their nose for the dead by performing such idiotic rituals. The Damocles sword hanging on top of these poor hapless folks are the sins that they might commit or anger the gods by not giving an offering to appease them, or their late fathers entry into heaven will be barred. What a ridiculous idea that is you may say. Is it or isn’t it?
Rituals are just like entry tickets that have to be bought to get passage inside. But when there are touts who fleece you by charging you extra for additional services, or when you want a grander ceremony for your dear departed these hyaenas demand their pound of flesh too. So you feed them by your greed.
In the temples here too, these hapless folks think that to carry the palanquin is close to redemption of all their idiotic sins, they are mistaken. Someone wants to celebrate their birthday so they sponsor meals or prayer ceremonies in such places of worship. Do you think that god or sage cares for such dolts?
Their arrogance and ego can be seen. I witnessed tens of liters of milk poured on some god, honey, dry fruits and such expensive stuff that I wondered how can the god and that stupid person feel happy about it? Instead the same meal could be offered to some poor people. Such a waste of money. These guys will surely rot in hell for that. I shall instruct the caretaker of hell to give direct entry to such stupid people.
Then there are those who pour money into the already filled pockets of these leaches. Have you noticed the number of gold chains they wear or the rings they sport? And you go and give them more???
Suckers are born every minute so there will be vacuum cleaners to clean their coffers too. These silly people deserve these cheats too. Just as you believe the college beauty queen who has no brains but superficial beauty deserves an ogre of a husband or boyfriend. Same way, all the people who actually deserve but do not get a chance to serve The Lord, feel left out. They send curses to all those people who buy their way in the inner sanctum. Btw, their curses fructify in the same lives.
The people who get undue favors by buying the priests out or getting closer to the sanctum sanctorum, get cursed by all the other people who don’t get a chance. These people get their wishes fulfilled of having children, getting more money, reaching greater success in studies, getting married, etc., but then what they get are peoples curses too. The same children will turn out into rascals.
Their kids will turn autistic or physically or mentally challenged. Money will buy the others riches and luxurious houses, with no one to stay in them or it getting subject to legal entanglements. Their legal heirs will squabble over them. They had built it as a security for their children but the same devil kids sue each other over the same properties.
When you asked for greater success in studies, you may become a highly educated individual who is unemployable by anyone. Or their children are born dumb. What use is that education which cannot be taught to even your own kids?
Asking for a good wife may be a good term but what if she is cold fish. What if she has roving eyes with ethereal beauty? What if she suffers from PCOS? All your prayers are no use to you then?
So then all the money and time spent in front of some god is worthless. He may sanction all that you ask for but also sanctions others curses!
So don’t you become hungry for that special ceremony or entry into inner sanctum. Be gracious, humble and simple in your prayers or offerings. God doesn’t like pompous ceremonies or atrocious arrangements, grand show of wealth! He only craves for your love. So give Him that from the bottom of your heart. Stop becoming arrogant or egoistic.
Serve God simply by being His humble devotee. Don’t ask for stuff which you cannot handle. Be humble and offer Him love alone.

Image Courtesy by pixabay