Peace And Happiness

Peace And Happiness

Do we get peace and happiness in spirituality? Does becoming spiritual means attaining tranquility and a life full of joy? Why are terms like happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc., associated with spirituality?

When you look at all the great exponents of spirituality, you will find their lives were full of strife and pain. Then why would anyone think that spirituality gives one peace and happiness?

In the initial stages when a man follows the path of spiritual, he desires all of the above but soon realizes that he is only running after mirages. There appears stillness and calm on the surface but below that is complete upheavals and disasters.

Those who join yoga or meditation classes are examples of people who seek that calm and peace and experience it in the beginning but as they progress on their accepted path, they experience tremendous disconnect and unease. If you check out the schools where they practice these disciplines, they are out to make money from you. Remember spirituality is not about greed and lust. So ask yourself why such exorbitant fees and why does man think of lust there looking at practitioners in yoga pants and tops?

Almost every great spiritual example speaks of simple appearances, extreme poverty, revolts, conspiracy, disasters and unnatural death. If you really want to delve in it then check up on all Sufi, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese spiritual beings and you will agree with me. Ask yourself if you would appear serene and composed when you are being nailed to the cross, poisoned, exiled or being chopped to bits? So why would anyone equate spiritual to peacefulness and joyful living?

When one follows the path of spiritual, the common face depicts a meditating monk or a calm person. Here I would like to cite an example of climbing Mount Everest. Till the base camp, the going is much smoother and enthusiasm is very high. But once the climb starts, the air becomes thinner and climb laborious. Few people remain since the strain is much more. The path becomes tedious and fraught with danger. Hardly a few reach the summit.

In spiritual too, the initial step is simple and enjoyable but soon it turns difficult and unbecoming. The progress is tough and full of ups and downs. As you strain yourself trying to gather the pace, the going gets tough. Here peace and tranquility forsakes you.

So to expect peace and joy or happiness is asking for fulfillment of petty desires. The big picture that one must look into is actually about spiritual upliftment and self enlightenment. These are lofty goals set by any true seeker of spiritual and not fulfilling petty desires and needs.

In our next episode I will tell you how one can become immune to such petty desires by following the principles of three D’s of spirituality.