People Who Irk You!

peopleThe people who irk you just by appearing in front of you are many. Why would they make you so upset or disturb your peace of mind?
They might not have even troubled or disturbed you, yet just by their presence your peace of mind disappears. Let us see why it happens.
I still remember seeing Pran, the quintessential villain of Bollywood in many films and the moment he appeared on the screen, I would get scared. Even if he was just performing a character artists role, I would feel goosebumps and experience terror.
Then my aunts appearance at home would signal some big family fight. She was instrumental in lighting the spark of disturbance in everyone’s minds.
This made me realize that some people have certain qualities which are inherent. Russell Peters would evoke laughter even if he appeared serious. These features are present in everyone just like an inbuilt quality. Just as the tamarind fruit would make a person salivate or a bitter gourd would make some throw up. These are natural characteristics of that particular fruit or vegetable. So also, humans have specific characteristics. They are irritating to some and likable to some other.
So what is it that troubles or disturbs you about them? Remember, their inherent nature is acidic or sweet but why do you get disturbed? It happens because of your mind. You allow your mind to get disturbed. Your mind gives them space and the object comes and troubles you. Actually it’s your mind which troubles you, not the object.
We are creatures moved by our senses and mind. Take the case of a sweet meat. You relish the taste of sweets so you enjoy putting it in your mouth and savoring it. But other stuff may be gulped down faster since you do not like them. Actually all these different foods get mixed around in your stomach and get digested. You eat them separately but not together mashing them up. The taste organ along with the mind savors some and hates some. Now those who have controlled their taste and mind do not find any difference between different foods and their flavors. These people eat for the sake of survival alone. Now let’s understand that the food hasn’t lost its quality or taste but the one who has overcome the mind and senses are capable of not experiencing anything at all.
This goes to prove that only if you allow your mind to disturb you, then only you will get troubled. The object has its own nature and characteristics which you cannot change. But you can.
If only you can curb your senses and mind to take charge and never allow the chain of thoughts to emerge, then you will be at peace.
In spiritual we tell you to surrender your mind and senses at the feet of The Lord. This way they will not wander and seek other ways of distracting your attention.
For others those who are in the material domain, the advise is to get so very busy in your other material pursuits that there is no time left for you to get disturbed. Second method is not to go in that directions at all. Out of sight is out of mind, they say.
Never tease a scorpion, it will sting you. So never go in the direction where you know disaster strikes. Stay safe and not sorry. In case you have no choice but to face the person, avoid talking or interacting too much. Saying Hi and hello is enough. You needn’t cohabit with that person.
But for spiritualist, we recommend that they face the adversity and difficult situations and control the mind and senses. Be calm and composed even if the disturbance appears. Having surrendered to your God or Guru, nothing will disturb you. Have complete faith in them and surrender at their feet alone. All will be well and nothing will trouble you henceforth.

Image Courtesy by pixabay