People Who Make Money!

Everyday we read about people who make money, writing about how to make more money. The ones who are reading it get inspired but will never make money.
Similarly, the people who go to the bank singing write about happiness and the sad ones read about it and always remain sad and in penury.
The temple priests sing peans to God in prayers and make money by selling their services for God to the common man, whereas the common man never knows how to sing praises to God and is always falling short of money and life.
It’s a strange world where man is always the looser and the opportunist is the gainer. There is one to million ratio. Only one winner, rest all losers.
This is the perfect ratio in life always. Take the case of sperms too. A million to one chance and all those millions think they will make it to their ultimate goal.
Life is all about hope and our belief confirms the fact that only one wins and all others loose. Yet we all believe that we stand the highest chance of winning.
So in the material world we all work towards winning and victories and only one makes it. Even after knowing that we still focus on winning.
In spiritual, we believe there is no loss or gain, no victory or defeat, no money and gains, no praises or blames. It’s all about equanimity and equipoise. No focus on end results. Whether it’s a win or a loss or defeat or victory. You gotta do for the sake of doing. It’s your inherent duty to just do it and not bother about outcomes.
This is neither the happy state nor the sad. It’s just in the here and now state. No disturbance or unhealthy competitions with anyone. No one in a million chance. You know that you are one in a million and just put in your cent percent and focus on the job alone. The rest will follow.
You do one thing at a time by complete focus. Finish it and then move to the next without stopping for knowing the results. Your only duty is to keep on doing and moving on.The sun does the same so does the earth.
But being human you don’t. You use your mind and think about results and so you are not putting in your all in doing that task. You focus too much on achievements so you cannot achieve.
Now defocus from results and refocus on your duties and you will win.