Perfection In Everything Is God

Man never sees goodness in another person unless that other is some relative, friend or is endorsed by the world. You may feel that your mother is the greatest gift from God to you. Even your friend is a gem. A Mother Theresa is a Godsend. But ask yourself this do you believe the person sitting next to you is a good person? You look at him with suspicion. If someone were not to offer you their seat in a crowded train then that person is your enemy. If the teller at the bank says he has to close the window for few minutes to get cash, you can spell expletives at random.
It’s human nature to look at every unknown thing with suspicion. Every person who offers help without asking is having a hidden agenda. Any person smiling at you randomly is a villain in disguise. After picking up a fallen object and returned to the rightful owner you expect to be thanked! The person ahead of you takes sooo much time and the counter person needs a shove for taking eons. The queue never budges. The water in third world countries even in bottles is full of dreadful germs. You can never find peace anywhere else, esp your in laws place. Your home is the perfect resting place? After seeing your friends wife nagging him, you feel you are better off with your household shrew! After seeing your friends husband drink like a fish, you feel your boozard hubby is worth it.
We never seem to have any good word for anything in this world. It’s all about running from pillar to post, sleepless and tiresome, full of perils and obstacles, never offering good returns, always short of perfection.
So is there anything that you can see which calls for satisfaction in your life? Why are we always searching for that elusive fullness or ultimate peace, complete satisfaction or perfect persona or place? Why are we never able to see complete full absolute perfection in anything?
Do you think you have to search for such a thing?
It already exists. You see it yet you never perceive it. Everything in this world is perfect. At the right place. At right moment. You are also that perfect one. Just eliminate yourself for a second and think if that instance is complete or perfect? No. You are needed there so also every bit of that universe which makes the picture complete! Stop making silly judgements on God. He knows His job well. How can you say that His universe is imperfect or incomplete? From perfection comes perfection. When you see perfection in everything around, you have reached Godhood. Heaven is not some faraway place. It’s right next to you. In your own being. See goodness and you will be good. See God in everything and you will know that you have goodness, perfection, fullness and love.