Permanence In Life?

What is permanence in life? Someday we will all be happy is the refrain and we keep on hoping for that day. Believing like the people in the concentration camp for that savior and redeemer to come and rescue us, we hope that it happens to us! We hope that Tom Hanks gets out of Marooned or the Terminal!
But does it ever happen to us for long? Even Godzilla couldn’t enjoy the city for long, neither did The Hulk stay away from his original avatar!
You get out of getting marooned to another pit full of snakes sooner than you think. Your smile is temporary and plasticky and soon it will turn into a frown. So what makes us believe that we have got into a permanent happiness? Even the idea of relationships which deteriorate with time. Sometime just in a jiffy. So to toy with the idea that there is some permanence in this world is utter foolishness on our part.
Lets accept it first that there is very little joy or happiness in this creation. Now we

Permanencemove to the next level. The sages seem to appear happy or joyful. Look at Buddha or Jesus, Krsna or Mahavira! Do they seem to have happiness or joy in their lives. I am sure you have read about them. Tell me when did they have happiness? Even at the time of their death, they were hounded and tortured. Made extremely miserable and forced to experience pain. So what makes you think these great people or divine beings were devoid of unhappiness or pain? They experienced it just the way you do. But then what is it that makes the difference between them and you? There is! That’s why we learn about them and not about you!
So then what is different? They look so human, have every human trait and go through same human pain and miseries.
They have knowledge and understanding that there is no permanency in this universe, no extended happiness, no never ending joy or laughter. They accept it! Next they believe that there is nothing outside of them to make them happy or fill them with joy or happiness. The goodness is all inside of us and not outside. This is knowledge. If you believe you are full of yourself then why would want to seek it outside of you? So don’t think anyone or anything can give you that happiness you seek.
Next these great souls do not bother about the two extremities of life. Which is sweet or bitter, joy and sadness, hurt or healthy, fit or unfit, truth or falsehood, black or white. These are two sides of the same coin. They both disturb you, pulling you on either side of extremes!
These divine beings seek neither of these. They have equanimity of every aspect. They do not sway on either side. They are centered and focused on themselves.

The words “Aham Brahmasmi” mean I am that divine. So why seek someone outside of us?
You are that divine. Full of your own divinity. So don’t sway either way. You be good to yourself and be filled or fulfilled.
The path to happiness doesn’t exist but the path to bliss does. Bliss is not happiness but equanimity of mind. No swaying or movement. Just being within yourself. All by yourself. You can be only blissful.
So now look at Buddha or Christ and you will understand what I said. They are bliss incarnate and full of themselves. That’s permanence!