Possession And Dispossession!

What is it about possessions that a man covets them so much about? Reading an article today where the woman talk about what the couple has accumulated in their lives so far brings up this issue.
Everyone picks and chooses objects and humans and possess them all their lives. Sometimepossessions the object breaks, tears, diminishes, gets consumed, used up, fades or gets lost. The human being which is possessed goes to another, gets transferred, grows up, matures , elopes, marries, divorces, dies, looses or just disappears in this world.
And when the above happens the possessive person takes up another object or person in life. The flimsy nature of human beings is visible at every juncture in our world.
Just lets take a look at how we collect junk all our lives. We visit some place and we see an object which we feel like possessing so we buy that. Then it goes in some place in our house. Later in our entire lifetime we hardly pay any attention to it. It just lies there forlorn and amongst all other stuff making up our possessions! We show these objects off and later never even bother.
In the same way we possess humans in life. First we call them my parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, companions, workplaces bosses or execs, etc.. We keep them with us till we break off with them. The parents become distant after we grow up, marry or just leave. They may just die also. We outgrow them very soon. Friends come and go. Marriages deteriorate very soon. Children get lost to youth and other people. Relationships become flimsier by the day. Then they fall off.
Then these same possessions get dispossessed. So tell me why do you need to get so much attached to anyone or anything at all. Just know that these are temporary things and they will go away the moment their tenure with us is over. Become detached and happiness will be yours. Attachments will bring you pain and misery. So be good to yourself and be full of yourself.