Power Of Addiction!

How deep could the power of addiction go? To what extent does man fall down to addiction? What depths does a human being plumb in real life due to addiction?
When one peg of liquor is insufficient for the man to give him that kick, he takes more and then more. Such is lust and greed in the world. It grows exponentially. A man is never satisfied by one and he runs after many. Likewise here I am going to tell you how people loose their sanity by experimenting more and more.
Children in India are using the whiting liquid for the purpose of inhalation to get a very great kick in life. They get high on the fumes of the ingredients of this erasing fluid. Similarly there is a white adhesive which is used in carpentry and both these contain a dangerous liquid called toluene which when inhaled causes hallucinations.
On the other side of the world there are people who buy additives like peppermint or vanilla extract which is freely available in super markets to drink it. Why do you think they drink two or three bottles of this extremely smelly stuff? The highest concentration of pure ethanol is there in it. Anywhere between 40-80% concentrated alcohol is present in it. That helps these addicts reach their hallucinogenic nirvana soonest.
The simplest or easiest stuff to acquire would be a cough syrup which can give the greatest kick. Take the simplest cough syrup which contains codeine phosphate which is itself made from a narcotic. These narcotic are available off the shelf since they are only simple cough syrups. Addicts to these gulp down full bottles of the sweet stuff to get high.
In the high mountainous region of the Andes, freely available coca plant is served to anyone. Coca leaves are sold in the open with impunity. Even a child will put some leaves in his beverage to get that slight kick.
We come to Khat, the delicate leaves of this dangerously addictive plant is sold in Africa and used to chew on by literally every villager. That being highly addictive is an understatement.
What makes people take to such stuff in the world? It is to find another high in life which is to fall into the deepest of shit here? Why does a man not understand that these are just temporary kicks in life. You have to keep on getting more and more such stuff. Just like the bottle of beer. You start with one and you end up with dozens.
Believing that the path through drugs leads one to nirvana the sadhus experiment with hallucinogens and loose their lives. We know of sages reaching the ultimate levels of emancipation through such addictive stuff are folklores. So people try out such stuff. They quote sages like Saibaba who took to chillum or smoking pot. A gudgudi would be bubbling type of pot. Like the sheesha used by the Arabians. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to eat tobacco, snort fine tobacco called tapkir or used to smoke.
People quote such great men and move in that directions. But why and how could they compare themselves to such glorious personas?
For the devotee, the highest form of devotion is addiction to The Lord. Thinking about Him, singing songs about Him, horripilations at His thoughts, dreaming about Him, dancing in ecstasy in His world, crying for Him or just reading about Him. These are the methods a true devotee uses to get completely intoxicated in The Lord. It is highly addictive in nature. You wish to enter this state again and again and to be lost in it.
I would recommend this kind of addiction to anyone and not taking drugs or hallucinogenic stuffs. Be lost in the Divine at all times, naturally.

Image Courtesy by pixabay