Power Of Perseverence

We are sometimes very persuasive and sometimes we just let go. Those things that raise our interest we follow them till the end results but those which are uninteresting we just drop half way or never touch them at all. We hear stories of great men who distributed newspapers during the day and studied under public lamps to become outstanding citizens. That’s Newton. Einstein wrote formulas on the back of ticket stubs. Alexander the Great won for himself the largest land tracks in history at such a young age. Hapshetput ruled Egypt and the only disguised woman who wore a false beard to rule. Now you ask yourself what does it take to be like one of them? Perseverance. Go get it. Go after your dreams. Even if the dream is to be sitting next to God Himself. You are that Son/Daughter. Your true grit and persistence will win you that position.

Photo Credit: pixabay