Primer For Spiritual

Primer For SpiritualIs there a primer for studying spiritual? There are so many religious texts out there which talk about religion and God and refer to themselves as spiritual guide books also but are they truly that? Many want to only look at their own religious texts and rely on them for fundamental spiritual knowledge. But is that right?

It is a highly debatable subject so let’s skirt the subject and try to understand what spiritual knowledge is.

Spiritual encompasses everything that has the spirit in it. Every book states that there is the universal spirit and some kind of a soul. Then it goes to state that there is only one soul. It sounds confusing for a common man when he is given two contradicting sentences. So let’s clear it up here.

If we assume the soul as one big universe, then the so-called individual souls are planets and stars in the universe. But since they are all a part of the one universe, how can anyone say there are bits and pieces of the universe or in our examples case, the soul? If you look at the earth from afar, you will not be able to distinguish continents or countries and anyone who is observing it will think of it as one big ball of a planet.

When you need some specific knowledge, you always refer to some journal, book or Google. This reference is only for the sake of understanding so let’s treat all the texts as some sort of knowledge base. Referring to information in these books is good for us but accepting everything written in it as gospel truth would not be doing justice to our modern day methods of assessing the truth.

So using these old books as reference guides we can start somewhere but solely relying on them would only give us a biased understanding. In our age, there are already many controversies regarding some historical data. To prove it right takes a lot of research and fresh knowledge.

So let’s use these books of yore carefully. Sift through the knowledge given therein and arrive at your own conclusion. The easiest method of knowing the true knowledge is to seek out the people who thoroughly understand this truth. They are better qualified to tell you what these archaic books mean. So that brings us to the next question- who are these knowers of truth?

Image Credit: Pixabay