Programmed To Fail?

Are you programmed to fail? The success rate is very low in everything from gambling to life. Hardly anyone wins there. Why are we always failing in life? There is hardly much success to write home about.

Check out the recent Olympics and you will notice thousands participated but only a handful won. That too, many medals went to the same sportsmen or sportswomen. The new winners could be counted on fingertips. Now check out the casinos and again the same ratio works. Winners could be counted on fingertips. Look at the daily or weekly Lotto and you will find again one or two winners.

Everyone goes to such places with an intention of winning but almost everyone comes back defeated by fate. Everyone aspires to become the top notch Hollywood star or best selling authors but the room is empty. Check out the Billionaires list in the magazines and you will find the same old faces there with hardly anyone new joining the ranks.

You may ask what is the use when you know the results for sure? Why does every single person try when they know for sure that there is room for only a few and they may not even make it at all? Do we call it hope or aspiration? Do we call it the ultimate fight for survival? Why does the man then keep on trying? Do we call it survival instinct or what?

It all comes back to before birth. The fight to win or the race for survival started way back in the womb. Think of yourself as the grain of food which got converted to a single sperm. Look at how it is fighting for survival. There are billions of sperms ejaculated many a times but it is one in a zillion which hits the mark and fertilizes the egg. Can you for a moment imagine how much you struggled to win then?

You fought against such billions of odds to take birth. You were a winner then and you continue to fight in your life from birth to death to win, win and win!

Now taking birth is not the only odds you are fighting. You are against the greatest battle to attain eternal life. To reach enlightenment, it takes millions of lives and births. Imagine the great odds now. You are not even aware about God or the Self. You don’t have any knowledge about the manifest or unmanifest domains. Then to top it all you have to be the disciple of a great devotee of God.

Yet again, you can see the struggle continues in every sphere. Now check out the above statements about richness or winning the lotto. They sound so petty to one’s ears. Still man continues to run after petty wants and desires.
Why not turn your attention to this race for reaching enlightenment? Why not study now itself and move speedily towards emancipation? Why waste precious lives again and again to do the same mistakes? If you are lucky enough to find a spiritual Master now, why not sincerely work towards freedom from this cycle of birth and death!

I struggle to find one single rightful recipient to whom I can pass on my legacy of knowledge. I have to drill it in my disciples every single day that they do not have the luxury of time or lives. Why waste the given opportunity now? Why not utilize this life to reach the goal?

Remember, you are not programmed to fail but to succeed if you use the opportunity right now. Don’t bother about the success rates. Even if the figures are insignificant, now when you have the right Master who cares for you, just hang on to his hand and go ahead towards your victory. Just be the perfect disciple and do your seva or service to the Guru and you will be there at the victory stand with your hard earned success.