Questions In Spiritual?

We all have certain questions in spiritual which we don’t know where we could get answers from. They may sound very silly or downright provocative, yet there isn’t any Google nor Wikipedia to answer that.
Just like this question which was asked in some group- Was Draupadi in love with Krsna? Why isn’t Radha anywhere in Mahabharata or Srimad Bhagavad? Was she Krsna’s wife? Was Jesus married? These may be provocative or completely off the center yet they have rankled us so many times.
So where do we get to know the truth? Btw, is there any truth in Mahabharata or Krsna too, you may want to know that too! So where can you get these answers?
Today a book on Bhagat Singh is being released based on his jail diaries and he talks about atheism and Marxism. Does it mean that his faith was shaken during the jail days? Now who can tell that?
Everyone has questions but there is hardly anybody to answer them.
If we don’t get any answers then we think that the only possible answer is negative. Just look at this question- Is there God? You will not get proof of that so the logical answer is- There isn’t! Similarly your mind throws up some reasoning which is not substantiated since there isn’t any proof of it yet we firmly believe in that. Take for instance people who go to Shirdi or Mahim church and get their deepest desires fulfilled and attribute it to the deity or saint there. Now the fulfillment of these desires gives an impetus to our beliefs that there is some strong force out there which grants these petty wishes and then the faith grows.
But what if the desires are not met with? Do people become faithless? So faith in someone or something is dependent on fulfillment of our baser needs. Like marriage, cure of diseases, begetting children, securing good job or ranks in exams, monetary benefits, etc.. How petty can man get that his faith is on sale!
So when someone doesn’t get answers of the questions written earlier, he looses faith?
But what if there are answers available? Wouldn’t you want to ask them and get them so that you believe in these esoteric books or knowledge?
True! There hardly is anyone who can tell you the true answers but you should first attempt to find that one. Just the way you ask around in life.
So post your impossible and difficult queries here and you will find the answers here.
To get back to the few questions written earlier. Draupadi was in love with Krsna, like everyone else. Radha wasn’t Krsna’s wife but was a Gopi in Vrindavan. She was a married lady. Jesus wasn’t married to Mary Magdalene. But she saw Him walk out after He was buried.
Similarly you could pursue these answers further too. You would want to know more about Radha or Mary. So come back with the questions. Here the answers may be short or skewed, so try to have a one on one and then your quest will be satisfied. That too at no cost. So ask!