Guru & Shishya


Has it ever occurred to you how Sri Krsna and Balaram or Sri Ram could stay with their Gurus without complaining about anything at all even after being royalty themselves? Can you imagine the respect and awe which their preceptors commanded without asking for it? Today its impossible to find such Gurus and shishyas too! The deterioration of the parampara is the advancement of the age of Kali. Sometimes you wish the grand yuga of Krsna and Ram existed today! Questioning a Guru is done with humility and reverence and not with arrogance and derision. Even if the Guru doesn’t seem like an “educated types”, learn to treat Him with respect and humility. Oh, of course! You(shishyas) are “Paying” for your knowledge by cash or kind so you expect to be treated with respect! You are valuing money with knowledge? Now you can see why we have both mediocre beings with us!

Image Courtesy by pixabay