Rapes, Murders, Deaths…

Now what do we talk about daily? Rapes, murders, deaths, corruption, accidents, mishaps, national tragedies, market crashes, currency plummets, terrorist attacks, viruses and every possible degrading and humiliating stuff ever imagined!
Once in a while you get to hear about amazing feats, rescue successes, discoveries of significance, truthful and honest folks and life saving instances.
But the norm of the day is stories which fill us with aversion, dread, fear, anger, lust and greed.
You ask yourself when was the last time you loved the daily news or heard about beautiful life?
We are at a point in time when the tide is going to turn and a massive change will come about.
What was done to the fairer sex with absolute disregard will be now done to the supposedly stronger ones! That means the atrocities heaped on the women will henceforth be showered on men by these women. They will now take charge of the world and rule it with iron hand. They will not spare anyone.
This is the yuga of Kali and once She rises, no one will be spared. There will be casualties galore. The woman who looks weak and forlorn will now take cudgels and fight these demons who suppress them.
So what is to be done and how do they begin this stupendous task of women domination? Here are a few things that will change the whole scenario.
Take charge and do not show your weaknesses to the world.
Start thinking that you do not need a man to run your life.
You should take your own decisions in every matter without regards to the outcomes. Anyway failures and successes are a part of life.
The objects that you feel inadequate or miserable about can be used to the vantage and won over. Like weighty issues, hair and skin issues, body structures, financial insecurities or money matters acumen, politics, physical weaknesses or bodily functionalities, brainy stuff or technical jargon, kid bearing and rearing, old age and secure retirement, friendship and sexual insecurities, etc.. These are many more related to women are more opportunities rather than threats or weaknesses!
Overcoming petty jealousies and ego issues to become one and fight in unison rather than in fraction or single handedly.
Stop feeling sorry for every other woman and give her the strength to withstand this world.
Knowing the weaknesses of men which are lust and greed and using these same as weapons for mass destruction.
Feeling good about every small issues you are good at and doing them more often with greater and greater successes.
Stop giving your younger generation sob stories and showing how weak you had been.
Show them the strengths and how to overcome any dire situations. Proving these young ones that they need not feel insecure or helpless in this world.
I know I can go on and on writing about what needs to be done and pointing out scopes of change and flaws. But why dwell on these subjects now. Isn’t it high time you took charge and stop that story about your failures and sorry states?
Go on and rule the Kali Yuga with the will and strength your inner being has provoked in you. Rise to the glory and become that lean mean fighting machine.