Reach Highest Goals By Greatest Efforts

wooden-figures-980774_1280To reach the highest goals in life you have to put in your greatest efforts! Charlie Chaplin became the greatest actor of all times. Alfred Hitchcock became the most prolific suspense film director. Albert Einstein became the greatest scientist and Mahatma Gandhi became the best freedom fighter of all times.
Now imagine all these people were to do something different, would they be what the world knew them for? Now let’s see what some other people tried to become something else besides what they were supposed to be. Amitabh Bacchan went to become the greatest actor in India but once he tried to be a politician and failed miserably. Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer of all times but he tried his hand at acting and now in restaurants. Our Late Prime Minister Morarji Desai tried writing film scripts. Do you think they would be able to succeed in this some other unrelated activity?
Everyone is cut out to be good in something or the other and if they were to try some other stuff which they are not supposed to then they will fail. This article is not about failure or success but finding your right slot in life. We all try to search for that elusive spot but hardly find it.
Most of us work hard and struggle all our life to get food on the table. Everyday it’s a chore that people hate to do. Working in a blue or white collar job or helping the family out in some business whereas the true motivation is something completely different.
I know of a friend who works as a flight purser for the last twenty years or so but his passion is to direct films. He has a great head for wonderful shots and telling story in celluloid. Only once could he try it out and won all the major awards. But he continues to work for the airlines. Why would he do that? To keep the home fires burning. Is it fair?
Then there is another one who writes such wonderful stuff for the small screen but continued to work in some office till destiny turned the tables and she was forced to take up the pen. Now she is a prolific writer.
There are hidden painters who love to paint or draw but are hidden amongst the stacks of computers and data. Then again there are martial art champions who work for government offices but have buried their talent and shy away from loving their passions.
Now let’s come to spiritual fields. In spiritual when the call comes, the other side demands it’s pound of flesh. The family becomes the biggest impediment and the man struggles to stay put. Money and professional progress is another obstacle in the path of spiritual. Fear of not having any money or place to stay. Not able to wear good clothes and eat only few morsels a day is a deterrent. Public humiliation and societal restrictions can bar a person from joining the spiritual bandwagon.
The call has to be so powerful that nothing can stop that individual. Half hearted attempts will be of no avail. Spiritual field also has rigorous demands. Here the focus on sadhana or practice is very important. When you meet your Guru and your urge to be in spiritual rises to the highest, you will have to drop whatever you are doing and head in that direction. You have to disregard familial ties and worldly demands and head towards your new home. Your Guru’s ashram is your home and you will get initiated by Him into His domain. It’s called second birth and you become twice born. He initiates you into His mantra and designs a program for your spiritual progress.
Once initiated the Guru is your only father and mother. He is everything to you. You will be trained in various domains of spiritual. Discipline will be imparted to you and you will be put under a strict regime. Everyday activities will be given by the Guru and monitored to know your progress. You will not be able to have a separate work schedules or own independent lifestyle. You have to forgo your aspirations and worldly desires. The Guru can mold you in the way He wants only if you are a clay in His hands. You will reach your spiritual weal soon enough.
When you look at various sages who reached spiritual perfection, you will know they had to pass through such intense sadhana in life under the tutelage of some very tough Guru. Some examples are Saibaba of Shirdi, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Guru Nanak, Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Vivekananda, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Meerabai, Samarth Ramdas and many more. They never could have reached their highest states if they would have come with their worldly ambition or personal goals to their Guru’s ashram.
Spirituality is not a fun game or easy access to God and the magical world. If you think you are going to become a levitating sadhu or someone who materializes ashes or gold then better stay away from it. If you believe you can perform inhuman feats in yoga or have a million disciples then you are at a wrong place. If you feel that there is big money in it then again you are wrong.
To enter the spiritual Masters place you need pure body mind and senses. You have to become very passionate about knowing God and the Truth. You should be ready for doing intense sadhanas. You have to serve the Guru and learn from Him. Humbly bowing down at the feet of the Guru, you should learn under His guidance till you are instructed to do something else.
Though this article pointed towards material worldly swadharma in the beginning, it was meant for you to understand that there are no shortcuts or half hearted efforts to get where ever you want. Sadhana in whichever field is a must. Hope you reach your dream goals with dedicated efforts and single pointed devotion towards your own swadharma.
Image Credit: Pixabay