Real And Unreal!

Real And UnrealWhat is real and unreal? Sometimes it’s so tough not to accuse someone in our life. Even though we know that the main culprit or perpetrator is that someone who is special to us.
There are many reasons for our behavior. It could be that we love that person dearly, have respect for him or her, owe something special to them, common sense tells us not to accuse them, societal norms, no certainty about our accusations, the position they carry in the hierarchy, belonging to a certain class or caste, stupidity of theirs or our own idiotic reasons, etcetera. Now you can put up your own reasons for shutting up.
By doing so sometimes we put our foot in our mouth or create a very disturbing situation in life. The people around you become disenchanted or loose their respect for you. Now I shall give you some examples to let you get an even idea about it.
Teachers in school sometimes are wrong in what they are teaching but as a mark of respect we shut up. Parents or elders are taking wrong meaning or sides and even after understanding what they are up to we feign ignorance. We love our children a lot and that puts pressure on us when we see them abusing another child or calling names to elders, knowing that they are wrong we do not stop them from doing so. That is dereliction of our duty to the society or others. Yet, knowingly we desist from reprimanding them.
Sometimes we are partial to our loved ones and behave in a rude manner with others. We assume that our own are blameless and above board and without assessing their true standing we consider them not guilty. Accusing others is a very big part of life. We never want to take the blame or accept the accusations as truth whereas we are concerned. We consider ourselves saints and others as devils. This perception is created by our mind alone. We are holier than anybody else.
The defensive tactic of the mind is so unobtrusive that we believe that we are innocent as the truth. We never empathize with others.
Cases in point are the incursions on every borders of the nations. Some claim pacts on boundaries from the past and some from political deals cut by their predecessors. So which part is right?
Truth can be viewed from its individual points of view. One nation is right from their point of view and the other is perfect from its.
The knower of truth is not fazed by such displays of worldly truth and untruth. Everything is unreal in the material world.
This world is the creation of Maya and is absolutely unreal. The truth or falsehood of material domain is relatively unreal. The only reality is the divine consciousness and nothing else. Getting swayed by the unreal is the rule of illusion called maya. She makes you see things when they aren’t there. So we get biased and take sides. We accuse people and sometimes befriend them. Sometimes we deliberately take neutral stand, sometimes for and at other times against. Nothing is permanent and true.
Know the real from the unreal. This is discrimination and it means only God is real and everything that is created is unreal. All created stuff doesn’t last since it has limited time. The limiting factors are many. Like time, worldly knowledge, etc. so don’t judge. We are full of mental impressions which delude us. So drop this veil of unreal and come to the folds of the Real. That is God alone.

Image Courtesy by pixabay