Red Rose Is About Love!

Red rose is about love, pink is for like, white is for purity and yellow is for friendship. If colors could determine the emotions then what would make the blind man understand?
Someone telling him that the color of the rose he got from that admirer is yellow! But what if he has no knowledge about the essence of the colors or what they stand for? Everything seems a waste.
So when someone says it’s important to express your feelings verbally, know that it’s important to do so. Stop playing with symbolism since half of the world people are idiots. They are born dunces or have become one. So expressions in words and saying it straight is important. So if you love someone say it straight and don’t beat round the rose bush! Don’t you know that the people who are in love behave like perfect idiots and dunces?
Talking straight to God is also very important! So are prayers to God. You better express the wants perfectly in words without errors otherwise you may get into trouble.
Just imagine you praying to God and telling Him that you want to roll in money in your next life and He sanctions it. You will end up becoming a white ant or some such creature who rolls in that. So now know that to say the precise words is important.
You better watch out what you ask for from God. He sanctions what you ask for. Exactly what you demanded of Him.
The best thing that true spiritual beings do is not to ask and put their foot in their mouth. Let Him give whatever He wants to, they say! So they shut up!
Devotees don’t bother if He gives them a rose or it’s thorn. They are least caring if He gives them red or yellow rose too! They just know that only God knows what’s best for them. So the devotee doesn’t crib!

Image Courtesy by pixabay