Reporting Is Important!

ReportingWhy is reporting and disseminating information so important in life? You may assume that you have done your job but if the top boss doesn’t know then what is the use of doing your job?
Every human being assumes that the know-all top management is in the knowledge of your performances but they aren’t aware at all! Stop assuming and start reporting to your immediate supervisor and above. It’s important to tom-tom about your so-called completion of a job or the beginning of it at least.
I still remember my first job wherein I was told by my boss to go to some remote places to do my salesman’s job and I would report regularly to my immediate supervisor and the regional office but I didn’t receive my salary for full 6 months. I then told my Regional head that I would like to go to my head office. I was aghast to learn that my HO had no clue that I had joined the prestigious org. Finally they got all the papers sorted out. Then I got the next shock. They had no money to pay me from petty cash. They finally paid me in travelers checks. Such is ignorance!!!
Now you tell me why can you not report about whatever you have done after you were given the job? Do you think your boss or super-boss is know-all? They are equally ignorant and callous. But not as bad as you are since they have grown with same symptoms and have shown minor improvements. They too succumb to such useless maladies of non compliance.
Take the case of this CEO of a big org who did not report his affair with a woman in his office and the company sacked him. He had signed on to tell all but conveniently forgot so when they kicked him out he lost millions of dollars in stock options!
Even at home if you forget to tell your wife that you have bought two dozen eggs, she will get two more and then you will have to have an egg party. All because you didn’t tell her!
Information dissemination and percolation to most of the up and down lines will facilitate progress of any company. But if there is a loss of communication then there will be the biggest mishaps.
Just imagine if system fails in railways, airports or some other heavy density traffic places and you would have a national emergency at hand.
So you have to give it to passing on information that is relevant.
In spiritual we face such great difficulties that you cannot imagine. The knowledge can never be simply given off. It’s not easy to decipher a Bible or a Gita! Hardly anyone knows these codices and those who know can never reach all. It all sounds archaic and ancient to all the young ones. Even those who have deciphered them are talking to a few people. It becomes irrelevant and not applicable to current scenario.
So getting the currently applicable information and knowledge is very important for every individual to rightly interpret it. Alas! It never happens!
Coming back to the topic of reporting, it’s extremely important to report and convey your own information to your immediate superiors or supervisors.
Right information to be given to the right person and at the right moment will make everything move successfully. Any delay on anyone’s side would cause untold damage. Then you will be responsible for your own mishaps. So start your process of knowledge sharing. Who knows you might get a raise or a promotion?

Image Courtesy by pixabay