Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. Even hypocrites who say it is not their new year or religious fanatics who believe their new year is still sometime away.
Who cares what resolution you make! Neither you nor anyone! Yet, you still go ahead and suggest some changes in your attitude or your targets or goals settings.
Let us understand that even if you have vowed to not tell lies or do some exercises, you are surely not going to do that. So then why bother? Can anyone change your inherent nature or your obnoxious habits? If you are attuned to lie all the time, you will do the same. Why would you want to change your ways or lifestyle?
Take the case of smokers or drinkers. They make resolutions every now and then to refrain from smoking or drinking. Do they keep the word? Rarely does one keep ones promise. Surely, they do not count their word so much otherwise they would have kept it truthfully.
Inherent nature makes one behave in a particular manner. Imagine a pig who is used to roll in the dung getting all cleaned up and dressing up. You can never expect the pig to do that. It will surely go back to the dung the moment it is let loose. So why do you expect the pig to be clean? In the same way, humans are worst than pigs.
Once a man has started to leer at women and treat them as sex objects, will they even leave their own daughters or other women? Look at the men sneaking a peek at women’s breasts and derrière. Even the highest ranked official is caught in the act. Don’t you think it is their inherent nature which makes them do that?
So when you say that you have made some resolutions or vows to do something or not to do something, then better shelve it or write it down and burn it or just store it in your drive. Anyway, some day you are going to open your drive and laugh your head off. Or rue about it for the rest of your life, since you had the notion and yet you couldn’t make yourself come to fulfill it.
So can we just let it be and enjoy the new year and say goodbye to the year gone by. Without getting into some really stupid resolve. Make a resolution not to make a resolution anymore.

Image Courtesy by  pixabay