Responsibilities And Duties

Responsibilities And DutiesIt’s mentioned in the holy texts that till the child doesn’t grow up the upbringing is the responsibility of the parents or guardians. But once they go away or grow up it shifts on their own selves. In today’s day and age, how does this equation work? The age of maturity has lessened nowadays. Children mature faster, grow up faster, earn earlier, start accepting responsibility and move around taking their lives into their own hands.
So duties and responsibilities actually never end with age or status. They continue even after a person matures. There is no termination point for swadharma. There are no ashramas to follow like the past. No one does vanprastashram or sanyasashram. So the concept of spiritual having undergone change, the rules hardly apply. You have no clue about your own duties or responsibilities so how can you know that? Relationships are chaotic and unvaidic( not according to scriptural injunctions), so someone needs to guide all as to how and why there are duties applicable.
So before you make judgments on anyone, be it your own father or your child, stop and think what is the truth. What are your duties and responsibilities, ask yourself that? Do you understand them?

Image Credit: pixabay