Run Away

Can I just run away somewhere? God, I don’t feel like being here.

Are you joking? You cannot run away anywhere.

But why? Your world is so vast and I want to take off and just live like a free soul. Why are you saying I can’t do it?

First and foremost you don’t have the guts to do that and secondly you just are too tied up in your material world to go somewhere incognito.

Don’t try me, God. I surely have guts. I am not yellow. The other thing you said that I am tied up, what does it mean?

That has everything to do with your job, money, passport, visa, law, loans, insurance, parents, spouse, in laws, kids, legality, clothes, food, stay, habits, addictions, love, etc, etc….

Will you please explain in detail? I am unable to comprehend all that you are saying.

Let’s take the place where you stay. You are on long term visa, In a foreign country, so is it possible to run away somewhere just without notice?

No. I cannot do that otherwise I become a persona non grata. These people will hunt me down if I disappear suddenly!

Then let’s take your bank accounts. You have money in the bank, deposits, hypothecations, loans, shares, etc.. Can you say I don’t care and leave?

The bank will send bounty hunters since I owe them money.

Now look at the houses you are associated with. You stay here in a rented place, you have two owned properties in your own country to think about.

But what has that got to do with my stay?

Who will pay the rent here? Who will pay the EMI’s for loans on properties, the taxes, their upkeep and rest of the things you own.

You are right. I have to clear my dues, pay taxes and so on. I understand what you say.

Now look at your family. Your parents are depending on you for money. Your wife and kids are legally yours. You have to look after them, right?

Yeah! These relatives are like a stone tied round my neck. I remember my dad only touched me for money when my elder brother refused to give for medical expenses.

What about your spouse and kids?

I am legally married to my spouse and my kids have to be looked after. I just cannot leave them like that. I have to think about their future.

Now for your job. You are wedded to your job because it brings in money. Tomorrow if you are jobless, who will pay for all that you want? How will you provide for others?

No one. I have to earn and take care of even the smallest thing. Money is a great facilitator in life.

Let’s move on to your clothes. Can you live on just two or three change of simple clothes? Can you let go of your creams, lotions, potions and other must have stuff? Can you stay without your dozen pair of footwear and socks?

No. I never can dream of staying without change. This life is so cool and comfy. I can buy anything at all if I feel I don’t have it. I follow the latest trends.

Let’s move to stay and food. Will you stay in a place where there is no air-condition, heater, no proper bed to sleep on, no breakfast or cereals, no tea or coffee! Nothing at all that can be termed luxurious or simply a need.

Ah! No way. I need my morning cuppa. Full day I work hard and I need to sleep peacefully. That is not possible.

Your partner in crime. Your spouse or your s/o has to give you your regular dose of sexual high. What about that? Can you forgo that too?

Some little concessions should be made. Let’s not dwell on that, God!

Anyway you have nearly cut off everything that you will have to give up when you run away. You don’t seem to want to give up on anything in life. You want to have your cake and eat it too.

No. I just was a tad frustrated today because my boss fired me and I had a fight with my spouse too. Maybe I just need to sit peacefully and meditate.

Ha! You and meditation? That would be like asking for a bee or a monkey to keep quiet. Maybe you can try something else. It’s a temporary fix!

What is it? What?

Take a short holiday. Go get refreshed and rejuvenated once again. You need it. After all who can face the miseries of your life better than you?

Then what about peace and quiet? Will I never get that ever in this life?

The only way out is to get rid of your desires, anger and greed. But that will be asking for too much from you. Learn to live with your miseries and take a short break sometimes.

So what are we to do? Miserable folks like me need peace and a life full of happiness. How do we get that? Isn’t it possible to attain that state ever?

Of course! You can get to that state also. You need the knowledge and a teacher to teach you how to do that.

You mean like that yoga teacher?

No. The type of yoga that you are talking about is like a temporary fix. You will only get to see sexy butts in yoga pants and nothing else.

I have joined one class near my place here. It’s just like vacation when I get there. But my teacher wrings me out. Then what are you talking about?

Expert teachers who can teach you the way of getting to your freedom even after being tied up in this world. These are Masters who can teach one for reaching Buddha-hood.

It requires lots of sacrifices, I guess. If that is so then I don’t need to become a Buddha.

Then be happy in your misery!

Image Credit: pixabay