Run To Help

Run to Help

God, I want to know whom will you run to help?

Well, what is the issue? What happened now?

Between the two of us, we have lots of our own problems. So I want to know whom you will help first?

Tell me what your problems are first!

My dad has left us and gone and I want him to come back.

Now who is this other person, who is in trouble?

My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she is the only breadwinner in the family. Her mother is lame and her divorced sister and her kids stays with her.

So you want to know to whom will I run to first?

Yes. I think you will first solve my friends problem and then mine.

Why should I do that? I don’t think you have any clue about me. What makes you think that way?

My friend needs help first. If she gets very sick, who will look after the whole family. My father may come back later also. It’s not that we are dependent on him for anything at all.

Oh, so you believe based on the severity and urgent needs I help?

I think that’s what you do. We all are told that you are very kind and compassionate and that you will surely help.

You are mistaken about something here. Look at it this way, if someone were to give me $10 and another $1 million, then you think I will turn towards the million dollar chap?

Isn’t that how you work?

No way. I treat everyone equally. Just because someone has given me lots of money, I won’t turn towards him. I am not biased at all. On the contrary I won’t do anything at all.

But you do help, isn’t it?

No, not the way you think. Everyone gets what they deserve by their own destiny. I don’t interfere in it.

Which means we are not dear to you. So then why pray to you? Why do we need you at all?

Everyone is equally dear to me. Let me tell you something here. Look at Mother Theresa who helped thousands of poor and sick people. She worked tirelessly for me and my world.

I don’t understand why you brought her in this topic. I asked you about me and my friend.

It’s relevant that’s why I am telling you. Look at both of you’ll. You are only begging from me for everything. You just have petty wants, needs and desires and you want me to fulfill them. Whereas, Mother Theresa is not asking but serving my world ceaselessly.

Which is true. She selflessly served mankind.

So I am happy and pleased with her devotion to me. She is serving her true purpose in this world. In the same way, you two are also my tools to serve others but you act selfishly. You are bothered about yourself.

No. We surely need some help and we are asking you for it. Why is it so difficult for you to help us?

It’s not difficult but you can help yourself first. Self help is best help. You have to put self efforts.

What use is it? You are our father so we turn towards you.

First, if you can help yourself then I will give you more people to help out. I need to see if you can serve your purpose in this world.

What is the point? You just don’t want to help us. So I won’t ask you. Let me go and solve my own issues.

That’s great, you can go. You will get empowered to help yourself. Then you will help my universe. You would have empowered the God within you.

What does that mean?

I reside in everyone and hardly anyone recognizes me. Once you lift the veil of ignorance from your eyes, you will understand your divine nature. Then the God within you will work miracles.

Now I get it. First, I have to help myself. Get empowered and start helping others. I will be then serving the true purpose in my life. That will make me truly great. Just like Mother Theresa.

That’s right. You see God clearly in her. So be one like that. Get Empowered and empower others too. Let the God within everyone rise. Senseless people seek God outside themselves but once they understand the truth about Me, that I live inside every living being, then they will empower themselves. So do the right thing. Raise the God within and then you won’t have to beg from anyone outside of you. You will be that God yourself.

Thank you God, for such a wonderful lesson. I won’t let you down.