Same Mistake Again!

mistake againAsk yourself this question, why do I keep on doing the same mistake again and again? Why can I not understand it in the first place and never repeat it again? Is it always necessary to fall down every now and then?
I am tired of my own self now! I cannot understand my own nature. How is it that the learning doesn’t happen to me, even after multiple exposures? I am fed up of this constant apologies and repentance. I wish I can put an end to this nature of mine. It’s very disturbing and harmful to everyone and very much to me.
Now you would like to know whom I am talking about? Surely, those whom I speak know it very well. People who got into relationships time and again hoping that the next one would be much better. People who hoped that their first child born after a Caesarian, should not be left alone go in for another one which turns out to be autistic. Now what makes them believe the next one would be a perfect human specimen?
Going to the same restaurant where after eating a very spicy meal the last time around led to a bout of a colic issue! Kleptomaniac issues or drug related issues, drinking bouts and pornographic issues, you can name a thousand ones where even after getting burnt the first time round, you would like to get third degree burns again?
Knowing fully well the repercussions that might be in store, yet the ever optimistic human being hopes that this time he will be safe!
Not using the condom is one of the biggest risk in catching the dreaded disease AIDs, yet our super excited human believes that he is invincible! Similarly the risks taken by those who used the addictive drugs feel that they will be immune.
It’s not worth taking that risk of attempting the same maneuvers once again. Humans believe that relationships with another humankind will result in an everlasting bond of love and understanding, fail to realize that no relationship based on physical characteristics can survive termination and death! The needs, desires and wants are too many for anything to last.
We all carry a huge list of expectations and nothing seems to come close to our ideal, resultant is separation or divorce. But the ever optimistic one feels that there is the pot of gold somewhere and that they should continue to search for it, but there isn’t one.
Now that we have heard enough of trashing, let’s move on to relief work or reconstructing the destroyed one. So how can we put Humpty Dumpty together again? You cannot!!! So let’s make an omelet out of him.
Relationships can never be perfect with anyone. Let’s accept it right now. So the best thing to do is to have one with your own self. Start giving yourself that precedence over every other person in life. That includes your near and dear ones. Don’t go about making any exception. You come first in everything for yourself. Always give yourself the credit for being first and foremost. Thus you will have a greater self esteem. You will feel good about everything. Right from your external to internal world get that primary position. The God inside of you will be happy.
The others come later. Have the least expectations from others. Know that there is no one better than you so what makes you believe you can have someone as good as you there? So create a halo round yourself. Keep lower aspirations from others and go about doing whatever that makes you happy about yourself. Feel good and keep your bars higher for yourself.
Stop deriding others and your own self too. Rise above the mundane and stop blaming the whole world and God for giving you a raw deal. You take care of yourself first. Then you will never repeat that mistake again. Be your own Master or Mistress!

Image Courtesy by pixabay