Same Sex Marriages

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that same sex marriages will be legit. Now, why is this news gaining so much prominence everywhere? North America and portions of Europe and Africa have legalized same sex marriages. Asia is yet to give its nod. That too will happen. So why did that happen? The answer is simply Kaliyuga.
Ma Kali rules this yuga or age as we call it. It defines the rise of women and the beginning of the end of the yugas. What are the things predicted in this yuga?
Man will no longer remain a man. He will be more feminine and androgynous in nature. He will not be able to give birth to future generations the way he was accustomed to. He will never be able to rule over women. On the contrary, he will have to become submissive and impotent in front of women. Btw, all this is not happening in one day but may take another few years, since this yuga has a balance of four hundred thousand years. It’s believed Kaliyuga is about 4,32,000 years in sum total.
When a woman marries or has a relationship with another woman or a man has with another man, it simply means they cannot have children sexually. Either they will have to adopt or get someone else to have their baby. Surrogate mothers or women who can give birth to a baby for some consideration. Maybe some other type of birth may happen too! A laboratory type or a production line type, who knows?
The pleasure that women got or didn’t with a man in sexual union no longer is valid. The proliferation of sex toys serves their purposes very well or pleasure from same sexual partners suffices their needs. Why would they need another man anymore? I am not considering a man here since he doesn’t have the reproductive organ needed only for creating babies. He just provided the sperm for creating the children, but today you can visit any sperm bank and get a baby from whomsoever you want. The same woman may not want to go through the ordeal of childbirth or childbearing. She can have a surrogate mother for her child if she needs to. Likewise a man can do the same.
Now consider this too. Why would a woman need a man anyway? Or for that matter why would a man need a woman? For sex or for sperm? For pleasure or for companionship? If she can have it from anyone then there is no need of another man in her life. She can keep a man only for the purpose of playing, pleasure or for getting the work done. A work which needs a man alone. Is there anything that a man alone does which a woman can’t? She can use instruments or appliances, robots or artificial intelligence for getting her work done so tell me why would she need a man?
Truly with the advent of stuff like Internet Of Things and the like, the age of automation is on us. Everything happens by a flip of a button or thought! So decide what makes you think or believe that we have not reached the beginning of the destruction of man? He can go marry another man or do what he thinks right, but the dice are rolled out and he has no choice anymore.
The future is solid of womankind and not of mankind. You already have the Metrosexual man in place who thinks about his looks and believes he has to be beautiful. There aren’t any macho men around anymore. Just a few specimen for the museum purpose alone. There are already the type A women around us. They rule the world around us. They are the head of companies and countries too. I am not talking of only feminists but of women who will take charge and will not want any man near themselves. We also talk of inclusion and stuff like gender diversity is the mantra for today’s corporates and governments! Are we not paving the way for woman domination soon?
Accepting the fact that the future was already predicted by the holy scriptures in the past, let’s just see it unfold in front of our eyes now. Kali becomes stronger by the day and takes charge of this world. I had written about it some time back but now you can see that unfold now.
Some of you may think that I am talking nonsense but just wait a bit and you too will agree with me. Every little change in this universe is taking us towards the ultimate destination and we should appreciate that. Our future generations will hasten the processes. Today we dream of love and companionship to take us further in life but soon that will change. The disillusionment with relationships are causing people not to get entangled into any disruptive long-term relationships. They want to be safe and secure and not a single relationship talks of that. So now you see, the article is not just imaginary at all but it could happen sooner than you would think. I can just give you a cautionary advice. Rest, let the Destiny unfold.

Photo Credit: pixabay