Satisfactory Services For Your Money Paid

You expect immaculate and absolutely perfect services rendered to you when you pay for them! So you believe the waiter, the masseur, the taxi driver, restaurant, transporter, hotel, etc. to serve you to your expectation, right? But they won’t. Just like you there are others who pay for the time and service! What makes you think you deserve better than others? You feel you tip them better so they better do excellent service?
Now think about your own self. You work somewhere and offer services too. You are also expected to perform excellently for the same amount paid to you, right? Should you complain all the time about less pay, less holidays, more working hours, horrible work place, etc? But you do that all the time. So how do count yourself better than that waiter, taxi driver or your maid? You become an exploiter in that case. So is your employer?
So before you expect something from others, check whether you are up to the mark yourself!
Hence in spiritual we don’t have any desires and expectations. Yet we strive to become perfect.

Image Credit: freepik