Satsang Videos


Satsang is a Congregation of people who have come together to hear the ‘WORD’ or the ‘TRUTH‘. Satsang also means being in the company of holy and singing of the praises of the Lord. The Master imparts spiritual knowledge through his teachings to the seekers of the Truth.

The Truth

If you read between the lines, you will find all the scriptures and myths point towards the truth but in a encrypted way. Take the case of King Dashrath or Karna. Dash means ten and rath means chariot whereas karna means ear. So know that every scripture or myth carries deeper meanings. Knowing them will make us know the truth better. No Google or Bing can tell you that. The Knower of Truth only can tell you that.

Did you know what actually Krsna & Arjuna‘s picture in Kurukshetra mean ? What does the 4 white horses represent ? How are the Teachers Dronacharya & Bhisma related to You ? Why is there a Hanuman’s picture on the Flag on the chariot ?

How these scriptures talk about You and the paths to attain liberation are expounded and explained during the satsangs.

Watch our Satsang videos to find the Truth hidden in these scriptures. Our Master explains these Truths in simple language with day to day life examples , instances in your own life & also refers to various scriptures from different beliefs to help you correlate.