Saving The World Hypocritically!


Some people are out to save the world and can go to any length to do whatever it takes. But if you see them closely, they need saving themselves. They are so sweet to the ugliest of shanty town kids but when it comes to their own kin they are at their ugliest and nastiest best.
I remember meeting one of my distant teacher cousins who was the kindest best to her school students but when it came to her husband or in laws she tore them apart. She divorced sooner than she finished her school term exam. I remember a sweet school marm converting into an ogre at home.
In the same way another close friend of mine was his genuine best with all office colleagues but the moment he landed home his demeanor changed. The fights and tantrums he created could never be associated with a gentle soul.
How does this happen? Do some people turn you on and others off? They seem to tick you off for no rhyme or reason. Is it human nature that we are at our nastiest best with the ones we hate? And then try to save the world? Hypocritical, for sure!
In my spiritual world, we are not allowed to hate anyone or have nasty or ugly thoughts about anyone even if they are in their worst behavior. We are compassionate and kind to one and all without reservation. To follow the Buddha path of live and let live or the path of non violence of Mahavira is important. We are not allowed to have extreme opinions about anyone or anything. Moderate living, thoughts about oneness with the universe and tranquility. The idea about war or even world peace has no deeper meaning. Equanimity of mind is highly required. So no movement in either part of the spectrum. No heavy likes or dislikes. Just be!