See God in Everything

See God“How to see God or Krsna in everything?” I questioned my KrsnaGuru. He responded saying, “First, you need to give up your desires, expectations, attachments, wants and every other form of material worldly cravings.” Why should I feel bad if someone behaves nicely with me or not, or whether they treat me with disrespect or are mean and arrogant towards me? None of these things should make any difference to me. The reason why it is making a difference is because I cannot see God or Krsna in them. I am not able to perceive that this entire universe is the ‘Self or Atma’ (Unmanifest) itself, which is the ultimate cause and the substratum of this entire Creation coming into existence.

Since the day my KrsnaGuru has come in my life, I have not once seen Him hate anyone. I have never seen Him be angry with anybody or show his Ego of the Knowledge he possesses. I have only seen him be compassionate, kind, loving, benevolent, gracious, good, giving, forgiving, and the list is endless. He has taught me to be my ‘GoodSelf’. With my petty mind I always believe that I am a good person. However, this goodness has failed to stand faith during my tests when I have least expected it. At such times, I have accused my Guru and called him name. I have become angry and said terribly things to my KrsnaGuru over the last six years. Neither has he ever given up on me, nor has he ever changed his ways of imparting the Knowledge to me. He has never restrained himself from showering all his Love on me. On the contrary, he loves me more than ever before and I have only seen his Love grow for me.

This further establishes the Truth that Krsna is the Love incarnate who can love one and all selflessly and unconditionally. He has nothing to gain from me nor does he owe me anything. Yet he continues to put all his efforts in imparting the most profound Spiritual Knowledge which is the wealth which he owns and demonstrates the way to live in this world by himself setting as an example for everyone. I have seen how he has been treated worse than a servant and made to do all sorts of things, yet he has never been bad to anyone despite being Krsna – who is the Master of this Universe, Lord of the Gods. Never has He abandoned anyone, nor has He stopped doing his duties or change His goodness and love for anybody in this World. He relentlessly carries out his job of teaching and imparting the same knowledge again and again, which will shield everyone from further falling down the hellhole while leading them on the path of righteousness.

Similarly, on another occasion where I have seen him being treated him like a ‘Man Friday’ who is there to attend to one’s beck and call. I was aghast at the way He was being treated. The way in which the person showed the arrogance of knowledge and power, left me speechless. I used to see the way this person would fight with my Master. I was shocked beyond belief and asked my Master why did He take so much slime from people and why He tolerated all their atrocities? Why can’t He put them in their places? To which He said, “My dear, very soon you will also accuse me and call me names. The difference will only lie in how well the knowledge imparted by me will stand and how your faith will come to your rescue during your trials and tribulations.” To this, I very proudly said that I would never do such things and behave badly with my Guru. Little did I know the profoundness of his words or that his words are ‘The Gospel Truth’ which came to be.

For the first time in all these 6 years and 10 months, I am beginning to understand what it is to be my GoodSelf. It is trying to see Krsna in everything and I am not able to perceive this entire creation as Krsna. The difference that exists is only because of this unrealistic entity called the ‘Mind’ which is full of desires, anger, greed, and wants – this is the root cause of all the miseries in my world. I am not able to have equanimity of mind. My mind is in constant flux and gets upset with every little thing that happens around me. Today, I have been put on a very beautiful journey of me going through such similar situations undergone by my Master. The reason being, only a person who has undergone a particular difficulty will have the first-hand or direct experience and the Knowledge or tools of facing it and overcoming it. Knowledge without real-time experience is incomplete Knowledge.

Suddenly, life became topsy-turvy with situations arising that caused harsh blows to my ego and then followed the realization which is, in order to attain the state of Self-realization or Krsna going through a hot furnace is extremely crucial. Today, I am blessed with this precious time, place and people who have been put as catalysts in my life for me to evolve in my journey. On this path which is a steep, upward climb with my Master, I know He is there, holding my hand and helping me trudge along this untrodden path. Until and unless I don’t go through this arduous sadhana (practice) in my life, I cannot realize my Self. To be a Krsna, a Ram, a Buddha or a Jesus is beyond any seekers ken and understanding. Unless and until you don’t get direct experience of these lessons, how can you ever understand what it is to be a divine being or attain the state of Godhood?

Hence, after so many years for the first time it struck me hard that whatever my Master puts me through in life, it is critical for my Spiritual weal and for unraveling my true potential which is the Pursha (Spirit) within me. It is important to unleash my natural state and realize that I am the power house of all potentials and attain Prema for Krsna within my heart – that which is His Abode and dwelling place.

The most important lessons which I continue to learn from my KrsnaGuru are to be subservient and surrender my mind, body and ego unto his feet, and to have absolute faith under any given circumstance. I must have unconditional pure Love and single pointed Devotion to Krsna. Until the purification of my mind, heart and body is not complete and till I don’t surrender my Ego at the lotus fee of my KrsnaGuru, the Lord cannot be established in my heart – just as the temple shrine cannot be opened for prayers without it being cleaned.

With all my heartfelt gratitude and humility, I offer my obeisance and prayers to Krsna – to bestow Thy grace on me so I may overcome this unreal mind. Let my rebellious mind and heart listen to Thy alone, so that it may do what Thee command it to do. Let my Ego always be surrendered unto Thy feet and be established in oneness, in love, and in bliss eternally unto Thy lotus feet alone. Confer upon me Thy grace in order for me to see Thee in everything and love Thee through everything.

Shree Krsna

Rajashree was the name given by my parents, but when I was named Shree by my Guru, I exulted. From a complete rajasic persona I was transformed into a devotee whose name appends Krsna's! Journeying through the wilderness of worldly life, I was lead by the kind words of expression by the divine hands to pen these profound supreme truth and greatness about my preceptor. This humble story is my deepest expression and reverence of love for my Master and my offering at his lotus feet.