Selfless Love

Selfless Love

What is selfless love? What do you do to the people you love? You do things for them and you sacrifice for them. Haven’t you seen your parents or spouse sacrifice for you? Maybe you haven’t but at least you have heard what it means to sacrifice for someone else? Soldiers sacrifice their lives for the country, isn’t that so?
When you love someone and truly care for them then you go out of the way to make them comfortable. You eat the leftovers and offer them the better part of the meal. You eat the sides of the bread and offer them the soft part of it. If the butter is getting over then you butter their slices but not yours when you are cleaning out the butter box.

The mother tucks her kids into bed and may stay awake when they are tired and sick but she won’t sleep. You have read the story of the gift of Magi when you were a kid and have always wanted to emulate those characters.
Even in love or marriage which is based on love, the one who is truly in love does everything for the other. Even in the act of love making, the true lover would give pleasure to the love of their life. They wouldn’t want to pleasure themselves first. They know that true love is all about giving and not asking or taking.

In spiritual also the same truth stands. Love for God is all about doing stuff for God. Having heard from the scriptures, the devotee provides the object of their devotion, the best of whatever they can afford. They decorate the Lord with best of flowers, garlands, lights, incense, food, decorations, etc., and perform various rituals and prayers. The prayers are only eulogies and praises for the Lord. They sing and dance, read stories, cry in spiritual ecstasy, horripilate, go in a deep trance state and do things only out of love.

This reminds me of a story about the love for and of Guru. Once a farmer invited a Saint to his house for lunch. There was nothing much to offer at home so the devotees wife made a rice broth and some veggies from a creeper outside their house. The Saint ate it and while going out of the house, uprooted the creeper. The wife became distraught and upset because it was the only means of a decent meal. She called her husbands Guru names. The farmer said that his Master was very loving and compassionate being. He must have done that act to help them.
He went back to replant that creeper and while digging a hole hit metal. Digging deeper he found a treasure chest. Then the couple understood how much the Master loved them.

God gives man everything that he needs but man doesn’t even bother to give back anything to God. God’s love is unconditional but man is very partial and selfish. God gives man subsistence and man in turn gives it to his family and spouse. What does he give back to God? Nothing at all. Once in a while he goes to temple or church and offers some coins or whatever and thinks that he has repaid God’s love.

Many people have asked me, what is it that God is expecting from them? He is just a statue or picture and they have no idea what He wants from them, so what are they supposed to do?

The answer is very simple and straightforward. He has given birth to you for a reason and you should fulfill that reason for your existence. That reason is called Swadharma or ones own duty. You can repay God only by performing your duties diligently and truthfully. Do it out of love for God and not with compulsion or force.

Doing things which come your way naturally and without any coercion or force leads one towards spiritual emancipation and liberation. You would be fulfilling your life goals and living selflessly for God. Give as much as you can in love and don’t have any expectations at all. Remember God’s love is infinite and selfless, so know that he will never keep you wanting for anything in any way. He will ensure that you get the best of everything. You too in return love Him selflessly.

Image Credit: Pixabay