Sex And Silly Prudes!

Silly prudesThis article is about sex and is not for silly prudes. So if you are one, stop reading right now! So here goes! Now I normally would look up a word which I don’t understand so I did and was surprised. How come our censors allowed that? Maybe it forms a very important part of the film or is it?
I was watching a family movie called Stepmom and Julia Roberts tells her 12 year step daughter in the film, to use this word on the boy who troubles her. The word is “snowblow”and so I looked it up. It means a woman is performing a fellatio on a man and she takes the cum in her mouth and then kisses the same person thereby pushing it in his mouth. This movie did very well at the box office but this word created a lots of heartburn.
Using such words can spoil the youngsters would be the uptake but is it true? I doubt it, since teens start their sexual escapades very early in life. Then why do parents and elders become prudes and say such things? There shouldn’t be any objections to censoring the words too.
There is too much porn on the internet. Too many dirty jokes circulating around and too many mms videos loaded in the cellphones by such so-called innocent youth.
When Vladimir Nobokov wrote about Lolita, I read it when I was very young and saw such things with my eyes too. I wasn’t surprised when I saw people indulge in the supposedly hideous acts. Now I am talking of 60’s and 70’s, see!!!
Our understanding is that we should be avoiding such kinds of activities or even mentions but hold it, even in the past many such things existed.
When Vatsyayan wrote Kamasutra, wasn’t he writing what happened thousands of years ago? Would you call that pornography then or even today? The same goes for Shankaracharya who had to enter the body of a king to know about such acts. Arjuna married many times and so did Krsna. Kubja was the prostitute and so was Mary Magdalene. Sexual exploits and their association are so many that we cannot close our ears to it.
The highest traffic to explicit websites is much more than normal ones. The latest craze in the web being 4chan and tumblr are very explicit in their content. We cannot hide children or adults from these. Can we?
I am not saying that we have to open everything to the children’s eyes but what I am trying to say is can we stop being stupid and prudes? We should accept that sexual acts are going to be around till the end so why give it so much importance? Let these have their own space and can we move on to some palatable stuff without making judgements on the so-called secretive stuff? Any which way Manga and Anime and other such stuff exists in the kids domain so who can stop it? At the least we can stop acting weird when sex is mentioned. All ancient scriptures have sex mentioned in them so explicitly, so why are we acting silly? Let it be. Accept it and if need be teach those who don’t know about it.
The right kind of stuff can be taught. Instead of seeing the silly porn which is exaggerated stuff with huge organs and massive amount of doctored stuff in that, we can talk naturally and know that we aren’t porn stars in our world. Being normal and having a healthy sex life is important. For your mind and body. Again who doesn’t want to experience or experiment with such forbidden stuff anyway? If you say I didn’t, then I guess you are either telling lies or you must be from another planet! So stop condemning it and have a correct approach towards it.
So closing this topic I will only urge you to have a healthy respect for even this kind of knowledge and remember if the holy scriptures have mentioned these and holy men have been involved in it, who are you to condemn it?

Image Courtesy by pixabay