Shit Happens!


Like they say in the world today,”shit happens!”
What happens if you believe that the one person whom you had trusted to handle a situation, botches it up? Your entire effort goes down the drain. You wonder if you will ever be able to trust that one to deliver any results.
Relying on someone was never your forte but then you had to forgo off that one time to allow someone else to handle the situation. But then, what happened is a complete disaster and you will never be able to forgive yourself or the person who buggered it up for you.
You recommend someone for the prestigious job or position in an organization and that person creates the biggest blunder for that company, you know you had taken a bad decision.
You had little time to go to the bank and you are forced to give your long term employee to deposit the funds. He gambles with it and looses it all.
Your wife had a very important appointment with the gynecologist and she requests you to pick up your son from school and you completely forget about it. Though he came off on his own with the neighbors kid and you only remember it when you are coming back home late at night.
Now in all these situations, what went wrong? Was your judgement bad or was your decision to give the job to someone wrong? You keep on telling yourself, you should not have believed in anyone and you should have done it yourself. No one in your world is capable of delivering the type of results you want to achieve. You only believed you are the only capable one. You believe just like your company, you should only involve professionals for doing any job. They get paid for it so they better deliver results. And here you offered it to the first person and he botched it up for you.
Venturing out to find replacements for yourself is the first thing the leader does. He creates more clones like him. He replaces himself with his down lines so that he can grow better. It shows leadership skills and qualities.
You should accept mistakes as a part of growing up process. You have to give leeway for failures and disasters. A good leader develops skilled down lines after giving them chances. Overlooks certain small mistakes, corrects them and gets on with the job.
So for anyone to grow in this world, you create the future by replacing yourself. Just like the universe recreates itself. We give birth to our children. The trees give fruits and seeds for propagating in the future.
So to create your own path towards progress, we also need to recreate our future replacements. So even if they botch up, don’t give up or panic. Just as all seeds cannot grow into another tree, so also every person you depute may not be a perfect replacement for you. Just persevere and you will find the right match.

Image Courtesy by Mythistical