Showing Doubt In God!

We love to shown doubt and uncertainty in God! Now here are something’s that lead us to believe in science or humans.
They have mated the genes of spider with the cattle, I heard. The milk will come in the form of a white sticky fluid which will help make a tensile material which can be 5 times stronger than Kevlar. Now such discoveries and scientific news causes humans to question God or spiritual.
But what has knowing material worldly stuff got to do with the divine?
You can create babies or other things from universally available stuff which we call panchabhutas in spiritual. But you are using material worldly stuff, aren’t you? Whether you call it evolution or revolution, does it matter?
God, as we know is beyond the panchabhutas and tattvas, five bodies and gunas, created or manifest stuffs, so we cannot compare or think we have beaten God in anything.
Go beyond the manifest and the creation and you can know God! No scientist can match that.
So let us not challenge God in anything.

Image Courtesy by pixabay