Slaps In Time Saves Disasters In Life!

A stitch in time saves nine, they say! A drug addict and a criminal who was on death row was asked what his last wish was. He answered that he would like to meet his mother. The court granted him his last wish.
When his mother came to visit him, he gave a loud resounding slap to her. Everyone was stunned beyond belief. The jailer asked him, why did he do such a heinous act? The convict answered, she should have done that to me years ago but she didn’t. She showed her motherly love and shielded me always. If she would have slapped me and reprimanded me the first time, I would not have been here in the first place!disaster
Sometimes we have to do certain things which may look harsh and cruel. But if you notice how the mother eagle or lioness allows the child to fall and teaches him to climb higher or run faster by the talons and roars, you will get the gist of it.
Today I was reading about IIT entrance exams where over half a million aspirants apply and only 2% get selected. These students are the cream de la creme and put in more number of hours of study and literally hard labor to get through the entrance examination. They not only attend their school or college classes but also attend special tutorials(which has spawned a 3.5 billion $ industry) privately. The amount of efforts the students have to put in, similar efforts of raising funds have to be put in by their guardians. It has to be a win win situation for them. After all they are the epitome of the 1.2 billion people in India.
So it’s important to deliver and work towards set goals by sheer determination and grit. If anyone sways away from the set path the chances of disaster are huge.
Disciplined approach towards problem solving and achieving success in the set goals will help all. Everyone must endeavor for the grand success. Don’t leave anything to chance and seek reasons for failures. Anyway if you do fail, you have ample time to blame destiny, God, parents, society, luck and give every other flimsy reason except blame yourself!!!