So? You Are Not Doing Us A Favor!

The entire family came to stay with their old uncle in the city. The old man gave them shelter and provided for every necessity of theirs. The young man started looking for a job to sustain his family. He kept on looking. Sometimes he would land a job and stick around for few days and then quit citing some silly reason. This went on for few months. Later he gave up looking for a job. He would project around everyone how helpless he is in life and that life and God was unkind to him. He lived on his uncles handouts all these years. His uncle provided for every little thing he asked for. Initially, it was out of pity and later the young man took it for granted that he deserves it. He took things from his uncle and has no remorses at all. It was as if his birthright. He started living with his entire family for many years depending on his uncle who became their provider and godfather. Last when I heard of them, they have become a permanent fixture and no one works at all. The mans son grew up like his father too. He boozes, gambles and has all kinds of vices. The old uncle has baled the grandnephew out many a times.
These human beings have become parasites and suck out the blood of their benevolent uncle. Taking undue advantage of his goodness, these ungrateful people live with a completely ungrateful attitude.
This is a story where you are sure to feel terrible about. You wonder how could anyone become so uncaring and apathetic in life.
These vermins have the cheek to blame God for their state and troubles. They don’t even want to put in any sustainable efforts to lift themselves from the state they are in. It’s an attitude of a pig in a pigpen. The pen is full of shit and dirt which they live in. They get their many meals and things for survival everyday. So why would they want to lift their ass to do anything at all?
This is a true story and similar ones are there in every ones too including those who are reading this. You too have seen some relative or friend who lives like this family. You really wonder when would light dawn on them and they would move their ass to do something for themselves. Till that time you have to suffer silently. This is the story of your life.
Now look at the same story from Gods point of view. Everyone tries in the beginning and have enough enthusiasm to move around. Then maya plays her cards. She gives these ungrateful people all that they require on a platter. They learn to live life, expecting everything to fall in their lap. They stop working slowly and learn to accept the dirt and squalor around them. They make little efforts to get out of their pig sty. Since everything comes to them on their own they have accepted it with no qualms. It seems like their birthright. God wonders when these folks will lift their ass and seriously work. He actually wonders why can these people not do something for themselves? Why do they have to become so dependent on His mercy?
This is the age of Kali and the Goddess herself brings about tamas and inertia. Her yuga is full of laziness and apathy. Every person will feel lazy, tired, exhausted and inert after being fed in their places by nature. It is the way a stomach feels after a sumptuous meal. Ready for slumber. Kali looks at such people with disdain.
So every human looks at God and says, it’s your duty to do that for your child, so why are you cribbing about it? You are doing your duty and so it’s nothing great. You have to do that. After all we are your children. You have said that you are always there to protect your children, so protect us. So you do your job and don’t expect us to do anything. So what’s the big deal? I will live like that only. Got that? Are you not doing that for others too? So you are not doing any favor to us by giving things! Yeah, you make us wait till the end to give us what we need so what? You now want to withdraw what you give, fine! Do that and you will see!!! Anyway, I know you God! You have no choice so you better fulfill your promise to us. Capisce!