So You Do Have A Choice Then?

Have a choiceI was telling a story of a famous actress, whose father literally went and sold his young nubile daughter to an old man in marriage. Likewise we too have been compromised by such overbearing people in our lives.
Sometimes we are forced to marry without our own will or assent. I remember a case where the girl literally thrust herself on this young man and he had no option but to marry her.
Such powerful people in our lives curb the deliberative and decisive minds of ours. We are then forced out of any firming up. They have cajoled and decided for us and we are forced to accept crap. Then you are bound and tied up for no reason at all.
This may sound as if that wasn’t the destiny, but it is. You had no choice as far as the outcome is concerned. But you do have choice here too. Let me tell you how!
It is called self-effort and that is what God wishes that you exercise. You can protest, say no, reject or even disown the person who is forcing you into submission. Why do you have to get railroaded or cajoled into their way of thinking? Can you not raise your voice?
Why is it that you have to be silent all the time? Isn’t your dear life at stake? Are you not forced into a rape like situation? Do you really want to get screwed? Then why the hell are you not fighting or protesting?
Every man or woman has been provided with the will for fighting and survival, then what makes you think you are alone or lost?
Stop becoming a martyr at the hands of these unscrupulous people who push you because of their powerful persona. They too are equally unsure, unstable, short, unsteady, indecisive and afraid but they show a false bravado. It is their insecurity so know that you too can shout them down or rough them up.
Stop accepting everything as destiny. Protest, fight, struggle to release, liberate yourself but do not get trapped.
Destiny need not be taken for granted. Yesterday I read the story of the girl from the red light area of Mumbai and how she is now free. She is going for further studies to USA.
So be good to yourself and keep faith in your inner being. You have the power to win in any adverse circumstances. Fight and don’t give up. Screw destiny! Know that God in you was just waiting for that Divinity in you to rise. Can you make it happen?
Note: Even if destiny is fixed between two points, yet the ways of reaching that can vary! We can choose to alter the pathways and still reach the end point with relish and happiness! Whereas earlier we would have reached under stress or duress Or complete surrender without protesting like a doormat!
So you DO have a CHOICE!

Photo Credit: Pixabay