Someone’s Duty Or One’s Own Duty

own dutyIt’s extremely difficult for any normal human being to know whose duty is it, one’s own or some others?
Lets first know who is responsible for doing that job, you or some other! Now if you believe you are responsible then you are.
If you believe it’s not your onus then it’s not.
So the common denominator is the term belief. Your belief makes you responsible.
That does not mean you can shun something’s which you dislike. The moment your mind comes in the picture you become responsible.
A denial or acceptance is executed by the mind alone. It takes up the responsibility or rejects.
A like or dislike does not make you responsible or not. If you are, you are and if you aren’t, then you aren’t! But if you say I like it so I am doing it or I hate doing that, then that does not qualify! It’s only your belief of ownership.
When the sages are seen just sitting and not at all helping another, you may feel that they are lazy or heartless. It may seem that they could have helped but didn’t. They seem selfish.
But they are lost in the Self and their mind is not connected outside. So they don’t have likes or dislikes and neither do they believe in this world of maya. So it is not their duty. Responsibility in their case rests with prakruti so she takes care of their part of duty.
So for all other beings, if you believe it’s your duty then it surely is!

Photo Credit pixabay