Something Went Wrong?

Something went wrong terribly? You are devastated when the world comes crashing down on you! You don’t know what has happened in the first place. Everything was going on so well and suddenly, everything disintegrates around you! So what actually happened?
Now you are sure to apply these above lines to your own life. Some may think I am talking about your exam results, others may imagine their own financial vacuum, some others their emotional draining, for some it’s their personal loss of someone dear to them, to yet others retrenchment, loss of dignity and face, elopement, infidelity, terminal sickness or you can add some others that I left out!
So now ask yourself, if you haven’t believed if your loss was the greatest of all! You say that no one should ever go through what you are going through. That God has been unkind to you and that you deserve a better treatment. This world is so partial and God only is kind to some very undeserving types. In case you have an antagonist opposite you who is enjoying at your losses, then you feel they have got such a great deal and you are at the receiving end. They should get punished or should suffer in hell or this same life. Surely, they should never go scot free! Ungrateful b….s!
Now why are you getting so bugged or fed up of life? Is it that you cannot bear to go through that ordeal or is it that the others are enjoying their life which hurts you? Ask yourself, what makes you deserving in the first place? Have you studied hard or partied hard? Have you lazed around or whiled away your time? Have you adhered to protocol or played truant? There are a lot more things that you got to ask yourself!
Start with your own analysis and then come to an understanding about what you deserve. So whose yardstick are you using? Are you completely blameless? Why do you compare with others? Are they in the same league as you? Stop using your own personal yardstick and dwell on why it has happened to you. Next stop blaming God! That’s being very mean. There are a few pointers for you to do your thinking. Read them below. These are the terms and conditions you signed on before you became the son or the daughter of one! Read the fine script below now!
1. God is not the doer. Maya is! She is His potency, just as you are! So if you are blaming God, beware! You too are liable as much as maya.
2. Everything happens as per the law of karma. You do bad to them, resultant is good happens. (You took pity on the beggar for his poverty once, you will have to be returned back the same. Which translates into you being poor in some life and the same person having to return back your favor) It’s the law of karma you are dealing with here. It’s the law! Don’t try to circumvent it! You screw someone and that one screws you back!
3. Nothing happens for no reason whatsoever. Cause and effect. You feel cold, so you wear warm clothes.
4. You are a single piece made to order so don’t compare to others. You can only compare to your perfect match, not otherwise. And there ain’t another like you! So stop comparing.
5. Anything that is created has to meet its end. Even your wealth or prestige! Life to death and love to hatred! So don’t expect permanency in anything at all!
6. You have absolutely no control over anything at all. Only you have to do your work and put in efforts. The universe is the ruler and giver. She does it judiciously.
7. No one belongs to you and you don’t belong to anyone. There is no ownership about anyone or anything. There is only one owner and that is God. You are just a tenant in His apartment. Pay your rents and stfu. No special favors here. You pay to use everything. No free lunch in Gods heaven. Got it?
8. Age and time is linear here. You will age. Time will not stop for you. Hair will gray, your stomach will protrude, you will wrinkle. No magic potions for aging. See, you always portray God as some bearded old grizzly! So what makes you think of yourself as some hunk? Look at your bulges….. At wrong places! Ha!
I am sorry, I cannot write all the terms and conditions here now. You only paid for that much. Now if you want the complete dossier you gotta pay up.
Remember no free lunches in God’s heaven!
Sign me up as your life coach or trainer or whatever and then we will talk. So let’s see the admission fees first! No credit cards, cheques or IOU accepted. Only cash!

something went wrong
something went wrong

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