Spiritual Illnesses And Divine Cures?

Are there spiritual illnesses and divine cures? Food, health, wealth, happiness, illnesses, cures, peace and other such needs are only for the physical bodies. Where is the divine concerned over there? The divinity is far beyond the bodies. It has everything to do with the spirit alone.
Yet, when anyone gets into spiritual, they are all concerned with their physical bodies only. People speak of yoga and healing. There are so many exponents and different kinds of healing experts who believe they are doing everything spiritual. If the spirit is androgynous and healing is done to male/female or others, then where is the question of healing? You do healing or therapies only with physical bodies. Sometimes healing is done to mental bodies too. Those are mind, intellectual, etc..
When they speak of channelling light, energy or some such objects within the human being, know that it’s all about your physical being only. It has nothing to do with spiritual or divine.
On the other hand, there are explanations offered to you by science so it would be better to go along with their time tested methods of healing. I always advise allopathic treatment and surgery if need be. That’s the quickest method of healing. Then the rest follow. I will not discount anything at all. It is all in the belief systems. You may believe in aromatherapy or homeopathy and get cured. Sometimes shamanism or white magic could help. You go to a shrink or a psychiatrist too. They may cure you also. Are they wrong? No! Not at all. They are experts in their own field and have all the rights towards their profession. It’s like the belief in astrology or palmistry. You may be a staunch believer in it and all the stars may be your enemies or friends. Does it make you an idiot if you believe in the most esoteric of arts? No way! It’s your belief that you should be bothered about. Some believe in modern practices and some ancient.
But you gotta give it to them when they say that it is spiritual healing. There I will disagree. Spirit is like a catalyst or something which doesn’t take part in the physical change at all. Spirit is non reactive, not involved in anything, doesn’t change, doesn’t do anything at all in you. Now you can twist the sentence but let me correct you here. Spirit is not bodies or anything physical so it has no sexual leanings, no habits, no injuries or sicknesses, no defects, nothing at all so what or whom are you trying to cure? Spirit doesn’t give a damn if you have any leanings also.
Spirit is like the burning flame of a candle. It keeps the candle burning. Once the wax is over, it extinguishes. It gave life to that candle. Just like spirit gives life to you. But once the flame goes away or spirit goes away, then life is snuffed out.
These examples are not appropriate since we are talking about spirit on one side and physical objects on the other. But we have to get as close to it as possible, hence!
So coming back to the healing once again. You are free to believe in anything that you wish to but don’t involve the divine in it. If you wish to involve divine in it then everything in this creation is divine. But we have to segregate. So let’s not say the devil is the same as God.
In the physical world everything is the handiwork of the divine potency of The Lord called maya. She is the one who drives you crazy. If the material being is sick or unhealthy, blame her for it and not God. So all treatments are in her domain alone. Cure is also in her world. So anyone attributing to God their problems is wrong. Maya is the executor of the past karma and she does it diligently. Just as the court rules but the jailor or executor executes. Similarly, she just follows the rules laid down at beginning of time.
All sufferings and pain are bodily issues. These are to be experienced only in the bodies. Sometimes it’s the subtle bodies and sometimes it the physical. So having absolutely nothing to do with spiritual, they should not be attributed to the same.
Three kinds of afflictions exist in this world. Physical or material called Adhibhautic, which afflict the elements or bhutas, which are regular problems in life like cough and cold. Adhidaivik or those connected to the godly domain. These afflictions are mainly the handiwork of the demigods. These are not God but the representative only. These so called demigods create illnesses like herpes etc.. Then lastly there is adhyatmic afflictions or those which come from spiritual domain. Like the curses of the spiritual Masters. These convert into deadly diseases like the ones afflicted by Ahalya, who got release from Sriram’s touch.
So it just goes to prove that nothing afflicts the spirit so no cures can be spiritual in nature. So stop getting conned by people who offer spiritual cures like light and energy therapy, etc.. So be good to yourself and stay safe.


Image  Courtesy by    pixabay