What does KrsnaKnows tell you about?

KrsnaknowsKrsnaKnows is a website dedicated to the true knowledge about the Divine. You can call the Divine as God, Father, Brahman, Self or That. Here you will get the right teachings for treading the path of knowledge to reach there. We talk about that God which dwells in every being and drives this entire creation who is also the One called the Unmanifest. Herein you will get answers which will correspond with teachings from every spiritual text that points towards this divine.We will expound on as many texts as we can and help you understand the Truth.

Know the Unknown through Love & Devotion under the guidance of KrsnaKnows

Deep within the ‘Divine Calling we are pleased to welcome you all to KrsnaKnows which has begun its eternal journey.! Age after age various great sages/saints/incarnations have taken birth/manifested to impart the most ‘Profound Truth of All Truths‘ which is known as Krsna or Supreme Divine Consciousness. This spiritual knowledge has been passed on through the stories shared by our grand-sire, parents, teachers, books, media with very few questioning the real purport and fewer still being able to provide the correct answer. Like, for example: Why does Krsna marry 16,108 wives and yet is considered a Perfect Celibate!?! KrsnaKnows will answers all questions as these and many other.

Seekers of this world, you are welcome to get an experience of being teleported to the ‘Supreme Divine Abode’ referred to as ‘Golok Brindavan’ which you can experience through Faith. The One without proof & ascertained by ‘FAITH’ alone is called Krsna or God or Supreme Consciousness. Come, let us together unravel the mystics of the mysterious through Love & Devotion alone, where KrsnaKnows will guide you through these mysteries.

Join us in our journey to the center of our own being to know the Truth !!!