Spiritual Masters

Spiritual MastersWho are the spiritual Masters?

The spiritual Master is an individual who has gained spiritual wisdom by training under another great spiritual Master. He might also be someone who is born realized, or born with spiritual wisdom.

Their primary duty is towards teaching spiritual knowledge to aspirants. He has all the answers that the spiritual aspirant might be seeking. He is not some church or temple priest. He doesn’t have any other vocation except teaching real spiritual knowledge to aspirants. His knowledge is not for sale so he doesn’t charge any money or ask for some sort of compensation. He is not like a teacher in school or college.

The spiritual Master is not a magician or person who does trickery. Your job is to seek knowledge and not to ask for personal favors. So don’t go with an idea of getting some of your deepest desires or wishes fulfilled.
Some of the greatest Masters were just spiritual Masters and they never taught body calisthenics or exercises or any other kind of mumbo jumbo. Do you attribute these things to Jesus, Buddha or Krsna? They never taught anything like that at all. So know the real Master.

The real Master has no hidden agenda of building monuments or edifices in his name. Which means they are not interested in building schools, colleges, hospitals, churches or temples or any other institutions. They are never bothered about political or any other kind of office. They don’t hold rallies or large gatherings for gathering disciples. They select very few disciples who always stay with them. These are the Apostles, Bodhisatwas or Gopis of Jesus, Buddha and Krsna respectively. Their method of teaching is always one on one only. They do not have large conclaves or meetings for imparting spiritual knowledge.

Once a spiritual Master has accepted you as a disciple then you have to leave your past life and become a newborn infant in the care of the Master. He will train you like a mother does. There are certain house rules that the aspirants has to follow. These rules I shall discuss in my following episodes. Also, how would the Master get remunerated by you will be told is the next one?

So the bottom line is the Spiritual Master is focused on teaching alone and has no other hidden agenda.

Image Credit: Pixabay