An upadesh or teachings is which a teacher can impart but its the students or disciples duty to implement it, apply it, use it at the appropriate time and place. Then the valuable lesson is understood. You can get a Cd or print a million books of these teachings and if you haven’t been able to imbibe any learning from it, what’s the use? There are a million teachers but one in a billion true disciple!

Master’s Spiritual Teachings in the form of Posts & Blogs

Spiritual Teachings

Contemporary ways of understanding the true aspects of Supreme Love and Devotion for KRSNA through the exposition of his spiritual teachings. Under the guidance of our Transcendent ‘Guru’ – a spiritual master who unveils the knowledge of the Self which is covered by materialism. We organize spiritual networking (SATSANG), Deep dives on various scriptures in spirituality through real-life experiencing of the knowledge, imbibing and adapting for application in own’s own life and Spiritual Expeditions with the Master.This is the Knowledge base of all the spiritual teachings by the Master KrsnaKnows in the form of Posts , blogs , message etc.

What is Spirituality and Spiritual path ?

Spirituality is above and beyond religion. It is about knowing the true purpose of human life – which is, knowing The Creator, His creation and the ultimate existential Truth.Spiritual path is a way of life which helps you achieve this purpose.The path is dogged by dogmas and false preachings. Some believe silence is important, some say learning scriptures, some talk of austerities, some think going to Himalayas or holy places.. Etc etc but what is the truth? The above mentioned and all other stuff needed for the spiritual are found only inside of you and not in the outside world. Search for inward silence of mind, the peace and quiet from worldly thoughts, the cool temperament, the meanings of scriptures in proper living, the austere lifestyle and so on. So why search outside? Get a guide for the path inwards and become spiritually perfect. The One you search is always inside you!

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What is Perfection ?

Perfection is all about moving step by step towards the ideal and yet not achieving it. God is ever perfect and has no taint. Now you may wonder why does He need to become human? The reason is when you have to teach a child, you too have to become a child. Similarly, He too has to show the imperfect how to rise above. Remember to save someone drowning, you too have to jump in the pool! So He takes birth time and again to save us from the cycle of rebirths. So for us to reach closer to perfection, we need to find the marker for perfection first. That means get His grace first and then the grace of the One(His Manifest Form) who knows how to reach that. The ultimate is you still want to keep your ego to pray to Him and not merge in Him(Become Perfect)!




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