Spirituality Does Not Put Food On The Table!

Food On The TableTrue spirituality does not put food on the table.You cannot earn or take a livelihood if you are a true spiritualist.Your frugal food and other requirements are met only by the divine through the agents nominated by the divine itself. These may be some very pious folks or associations connected to the spiritual.We often mistake religion to spiritual and sometimes we believe that one is in spiritual whereas that individual is purely into devotional service for profit alone.Spirituality is all about finding the true God and not some deity who fulfills your demands.Mistaking desirous living as being spiritual is a common folly.
The One we call God in the material world is some sort of a banker or provider of mundane stuff.
He makes judgments and gives punishments and rewards you also.
If you believe you are here for getting some wants fulfilled or desires met then you are in the wrong place. You should not stay here but carry on the search for your provider.
To be a true spiritualist you have to first and foremost give up the beggars attitude and come with an open heart. There are no miracles or magic potions offered here.
If you need good health, wealth, joy, peace, children, house, vehicles, ranks, admissions, cases solved in your favor, afflictions and all sorts of diseases removed then you are completely off the track. You will not get any of those things here. No solutions at all.
Spirituality teaches you to know your own true Self. Not the one you call “myself”.
You know your name, place, parents, etc.. That is not knowing yourself.
The One who is the true you. You are calling out to your body all the time and that is not what is taught in spiritual. You have heard the term that, “God lives in everything”. But you have never had the chance to meet Him. So who is this God?
The search for the truth alone is called Spiritual and not some fake god or deity! If you pray to your god and he gives you something know that I am not talking of this god. He is just another agent of the bank or a Santa.
The God in spiritual is called That, Brahman, The divine Unmanifest, etc. He has no name and cannot be seen also. He is neither Man or Woman.
So there are no specific courses to do to get to this God.
Three things happen to a person who gets into spiritual.
First is called dispassion. You do not seem to like anything at all. You become completely dispassionate about everything. Nothing seems to interest you or hold your attention except your aim called, “Knowing the truth about this Divine”. Even food, work, clothes and all sorts of desires seem to fall off. You have complete disinterest in life. You have no idea what hit you. You want to be left alone.
The next is called detachment. You are completely detached from everything in the world. No relationships seem good enough for you. You will only be interested in having relationship with this Divine. You do things for the sake of doing and that too without any motivation for results.
The third thing is called discrimination. You know that everything is unreal and only God is real.
This way of seeing God in everything yet knowing everything in the material is purely a dream like and completely unreal.
This state is brought about only by the grace of God.
The next step is to find a guide who will take you forward in your search for this divine.
He is called the Guru or Preceptor. He actually searches you out. Both their paths cross each other.
Only a true knower of truth can be called a Master or Guru. He is not in this for material gains. Remember those who are in spiritual are not in it for money or material benefits! So if you find someone who tells you your future or gives you magic talisman or cures, he is not a spiritualist at all.
The pathway to spiritual is fraught with umpteen pitfalls, obstacles and disasters so if you are not ready for it, stay out of it. Better to know some mundane god of yours who provides you stuff than get into this dangerous path where you are not even sure where your next meal is going to come from.
So my advice to all those who feel they have no time or need quick fix, go to the one who can offer you that and stop thinking you are in spiritual. Now if you feel you don’t have to stay here, get out and be happy in your own world. There are no free meals here!

Image Credit: pixabay