Spirituality Is The Spirit In You!

Spirituality is all about the spirit in you. Spirituality has very little or nothing to do with religion. Religion is a way of harnessing people into submission to a particular way of life. Religion is full of do’s and don’ts of life. Too many dogmas and restrictions.
Whereas spirituality is all about freedom and finding yourself. Recognizing your true potential and knowing why you are born.
Buddhism or Jainism has no god to look at but these religions have dogmas too. Restrictions about every possible things. Killing animals is a no-no in Jainism and meditating is so much a part of Buddhism. But ask the world around and they love to eat animals all day long and meditating is an unknown word to most of the world. Yet these religions harbors spirituality.
So can we define spirituality as something that has the spirit in it? But human beings hardly feel spiritual. The reason is because they don’t know it. They are ignorant of the fact that they are a part of the universal spirit which keeps this universe throbbing. Ignorance stems from the fact of some object being covered up. That is to say, if you close the room door and ask the person outside whether the room is lighted or not? The answer is full of ignorance. I don’t know till I don’t open the door to see inside. In the same way is ignorance about your own divinity. Till you don’t open the doors of your inner being you don’t know whether you are lighted or in darkness. To be lighted means to be illumined by knowledge. Simply speaking it means- I know it!
Now coming back to religion. The concept of heaven and hell and a single life exists in Christianity but others talk of multiple lives and more than million gods. Is anyone agreeing to the above? To each his own. One laughs at another’s religion. The truth is always veiled and under cover. Uncovering the truth is the essence of spirituality.
Knowing that everything stems from within you. Without you or your mind there can’t be belief or faith. You exist so everything around you exists. You die so everything around you disappears. No one knows what happens after death so there can be only speculations and no real way of knowing the truth. Till you don’t die. But then you cannot tell anyone about it. Not a ghost of a chance. Same way are beliefs in ghosts too. You believe in them and they exist otherwise they don’t.
Same as belief in God. You believe in God and he exists otherwise He doesn’t. One can keep on pushing his own religion on others yet the taste will only appear if you open your heart to beliefs.
But you believe in your own existence so that makes you a strong case. So belief in ones own self and the power vested within every individual is true spirituality.
Knowing that there isn’t anything impossible in this world. Opening up your full potential and seeing that divine in you is the first step in recognizing your true spirituality.
So know you are capable of anything and give your inner spirit the power to create your own space. Empower yourself and know your spirit is the real spiritual being inside of you.