Spiritually Illegitimate

Spiritually Illegitimate

Why is spirituality considered as illegitimate and a despicable profession? Tell someone that you are a spiritualist and they look at you in derision. They wonder how you could think of what you are doing as something worth pursuing? It is supposed to be a profession of the lost causes in this world.

Look at how you are treated by everyone around you? Tell your relatives or friends about it and they ask you whether you have any other legitimate job or business! I have faced this situation everywhere and I can tell you a lot about it.

My in-laws asked me why I couldn’t take up a full time job somewhere and provide for the family. My friends looked at me in awe and asked what happened to my years of experience in other professional fields and if I couldn’t do some sort of a part time work somewhere to earn a decent living and look after my supposedly starving family.

The wife hoped that I could be of help in business and provide definitive inputs which could lead to earning a decent amount. The children couldn’t tell their friends about my spiritual avatar since every other friend’s dad or mom worked in some legit high paying place.
As they grew up they found it tough to tell their partners that their dad was not making a living but subsisting on other people’s handouts and charity. Their partners in turn had the toughest time telling their blood relatives what I was up to.

Even my disciples couldn’t own up to their own relatives that they are following their Guru in spiritual. They usually end up lying to everyone that I have some other business which keeps the hearth fires burning.

The idea that spiritual makes a person go stark raving mad or takes him out of material worldly life to live like an ascetic is firm in every worldly persons mind. The world thinks that spiritual is for losers and beggars. They wonder how can anyone offer the spiritual person a girl in marriage or if the spiritualist is a parent then how could they offer his or her grown up children alliances?

As a spiritual being I do not run after any kind of worldly desires or attachments. There is no craving for money or power or fame and notoriety. For me spiritual teaching is a full time professional service and I don’t ask to be remunerated. It is legit and full of excitement for me. You ask what does it do for others who wish to learn? Let me explain that.

Your worldly life keeps you locked on in your worldly avatar for many such lives. You work yourself thin trying to make ends meet and subsist decently. You also keep up with your friends and family building a reputation and wealth. You send your kids to private schools and give them the best of education. Till the last breath you struggle and strive hard to make some monies that you could give to your descendants. You build houses which you wish your kids and their kids could enjoy a lifetime of bliss. You try hard to fight against destiny but can never beat it.

Old and weary you are ready to cast off your tired shell. But destiny awaits you with open arms ready to hurtle you again in the same old rut called life. You aren’t even sure whether you may have a human existence or an animal. Whether it’s a vermin or tree, a gutter rat or a bird. Life again begins working out the karma adjusted in your current account. Prarabdha karma rebirths you into what you aren’t even expecting in your dreams. Here we spiritualists come into the picture. We devise means to circumvent the cycles of lifetimes which can bind you forever.
My job is a thankless one. There is no remuneration or accolades here. I have to pull people out of their cycles of birth and death, make their future karma benign and toothless, get releases from unnecessary entanglements, rid them of their fallacies and errors, remove their obstacles and impediments, cure them of afflictions and put them on the right path called swadharma and make them liberated.

So stop yourself calling out names to those who spend their lives trying to give back everything and not asking for anything in return. Be good and kind to me and my ilk. Stop deriding my profession and demeaning my job.

Image Credit: Pixabay