Stop Being A Martyr And Be Good To Yourself!

Here is a story of a girl.
She had stars in her eyes when she was a teen. She wanted to be the top notch heroine, the Florence Nightingale, the UN rep, the CEO of the best company, the Doctor, the Artist and whatnot! She joined the undergrad course with contiguous enthusiasm.
Then the sky fell. Her parents couldn’t support her during her graduation monetarily, her younger brother and sister were still in school. She took the daring step of being the family provider!
Later she joined a great organization. Steady income started to come in, yet it was insufficient. She had to do major sacrifices in life. She so much wished to join a management school but she was always short of funds.
Later as she grew up, she dreamt of marrying a handsome, rich and well settled guy. But there aren’t any such dudes in real life. She let go of that thought too. She saw so many of her girlfriends land a good catch. She felt envious of them.
She then shifted her attention to her career. Her job of 7 years wasn’t taking her anywhere. She was stagnated and couldn’t move an inch. She was fighting against organized crime of fancy MBAs, experienced aspirants and influential climbers in her workplace.
Ten years into that job and she was flustered by the numerous b&b sessions which only inspired false promises from her bosses but no real results.
Meanwhile she had a number of bruised affairs! The guys never seemed to stick around. Years passed by. She had accepted her lonely lifestyle.
In early thirties she complained of falling hair, gym, tummy tucks and cellulite! Late Forties brought her the rejuvenation of libido with younger partners and false beliefs of younger looks. She dressed in the most obnoxious ways to trap younger blood. They enjoyed her and left her high and dry.
Her life was one big sacrifice for the parents, siblings, friends, society, colleagues and the entire world. She was a great martyr in her own eyes and those of her admirers. She had done so much for each and everyone. Sacrificed herself beyond measures. Her belief continued till she met her Master!
The Master listened to her beautiful stories about sacrifice and her large hearted life. She expected to be praised and made a model of human nature to be emulated by all.
The Master turned towards her and asked her, “So my dear, why do you think you have done the greatest sacrifice of all?”
“And why are you blaming God or destiny for what happened to you?”martyr
“I am sure God was wondering if you could get off your high horse called Ego and win over the adverse situation by striving really hard in your duty as a student and excelling in that!”
“See, God believed you could have worked really hard and taken scholarships for your further education and left the rest of job for Him of taking care of your parents and siblings.”
The moment you think you are a martyr and do supreme sacrifices for the mankind, your ego has stood up. You believe you are greater than God and can provide for everyone! But you are actually forgetting your primary duty of studying really hard.
Everyone needs to do what is required to be done at that moment. To be the best tool of God and leave the subsequent results to Him. Don’t you believe God can take care of your parents and siblings?
God says, “You do your part and let me do mine!” “Why are you bothered how I take care of the world? Don’t I take care of an orphan or a weakling?”
So stop being martyr and start being good to yourself. Promote that God in yourself and He will show you your true calling!
This above story reflects everyone of us. We think we are doing a great job sacrificing our lives for others and expect some praise. But our first duty is towards our own God within. Give Him that empowerment and you will know your true worth!