Strange Characteristics

hula-162558_1280We are so obsessed by some strange characteristics of a person that we keep on pointing towards that all the time. In one of the Austin Powers movies, the hero keeps on pointing at a mole and says, “mole, molee, moley…..,” constantly whenever that person comes in front of him.
And in another film, the heroine who is palmed off as a royalty, reverts back to her old self and says in the same old guttural language in My Fair Lady! She couldn’t leave her character even after she has traversed the path towards knowledge and freedom.
So first let’s talk about the special characteristics of that person. Say, if the woman was a prostitute in her past life and has changed then, but why is she addressed as an ex-prostitute and not as an individual? An ex-dacoit turned politician or an ex- criminal turned businessman!
The past always haunts you even if you have turned over a new leaf or changed for the better. The world keeps on looking at you and identifying you with your past trait or profession. You really wonder when this past association will drop off. Not only direct reference but an indirect reference also will be brought about. Just think the old royalty from this place is always pointed to as an adopted one since the kings here will never be born to the original scion because of a curse given 400 years ago by a woman! So it’s called the cursed royalty!
So why rake up some skeletons in the cupboard? Can’t they be left behind? Do you always have to associate with past? Can we not leave these unsavory stuff and move on in life?
We too behave in a similar manner. We never let go off our past tendencies and revive them always. If you are used to drinking and have turned over a new leaf, will find no objection for a small glass of wine! Nor find it sinful to watch a little bit of porn if you were used to watching porn as an addiction earlier in life! Our old tendencies rear their heads always. Even if you have given up your past and forgotten about it.
Take the case of homosexual case in the Supreme Court of India, so many people came out in support to an offer of liking a page in Facebook which identified you as an homo or a lesbian! So we can never change.
Even Godmen are not spared. Jesus is always called a carpenter. The only way of letting go of your past is to acknowledge it with a smile. Yes, I was a bus conductor or a club striper. Yes, I did time in the past. Yes, I too was a homosexual or a lesbian. Acknowledging it never makes you small or derides your current status. You can say,” I used to be an alcoholic earlier, but now I drink for only social occasions!” Or you can even say to your old flame,” we used to have great sex in the past, I know it’s impossible to recreate that today!”
By coming out of the closet yourself and making it simply as a part of your past doesn’t harm you. It raises your self esteem some notches. If on the other hand you deny it, the repercussions of it falling out of your closet may be disastrous. So be a sport and never hide from facing your past or being generous to your old habits sometimes. It doesn’t make you look ugly or small. You rise above.

Image Courtesy by pixabay