Strict And Harsh Methods For Today!

Shiva’s method of compassion can be seen from the way He offers boons to the devotees even after they had committed the gravest errors. But Krsna is absolutely not moved at all. He relentlessly pushes Arjuna by cajoling him towards performing his required task or duty. Krsna doesn’t suffer fools gladly. When someone shies away from their swadharma, He makes it a point of pushing these wretched souls to the wall thereby making them do their duties. This yuga is full of tamas and hence the only way something would work properly is a kick in the rear. Ask yourself if kind words would stop atrocities and this worlds downwards slide? Simple words do not change human nature so we need drastic measures to effect changes. If you were to address the issues that are reported in papers daily with love and compassion, you will have more rapes, murders, etc. This world faces terrible competition and we need drastic methods to win. I personally do not advocate stick method alone but if the need of the hour is to be harsh then so be it!